Simple software that does the job quickly and quietly: quickly stores your master password in 32 or more easy-to-remember keyboard macros.
Each macro has an associated name and can be entered by hitting the associated key, so it’s simple to make your passwords instantly memorable.
KEYMACRO can remember up to 96 macros, but you can import and export text files and choose any number of macros to be associated with a given keystroke.
KEYMACRO even has a feature that automatically selects and assigns the last six password characters from a short phrase for you – perfect if you are tired of having to type “recycle” every time you want to change your password.
KEYMACRO includes both a stand-alone version and a screen saver.
KEYMACRO never “remembers” a password and can also generate a random password for each login.
You can be sure that your master password is safe because every keystroke is written to a text file as a plain-text password.
KEYMACRO is free to download.
KEYMACRO 2 Description:
Get it for free and try it out. Now’s the time to free your computer from password hassles.
Keymacro 2 is an advanced password generator that works by creating a new keyboard macro every time you press a key on your keyboard.
Your new password is memorized, as a keyboard macro, in Keymacro 2. Simply select the key to which you want the new password assigned, and Keymacro 2 will create a new keyboard macro for you.
Keymacro 2 works by writing a text file that contains the generated password, and Keymacro 2 remembers each macro for up to 99 different keys, or for the last 6 password characters entered.
The file is stored with the extension.keymacro, and is created in the same directory as the program.
Keymacro 2 includes four screensavers.
Keymacro 2 is free to download.
Blue Pro Password Description:
What’s the problem with passwords?
It’s not just that they’re a pain to remember, it’s also that they’re not very secure.
Blue Pro Password is the first and only security program that actually protects your passwords.
Blue Pro Password is fast and easy to use and stores passwords in a secure online database that’s easily backed up.
Once you’ve set up the program, you won’t need to remember any passwords.
Blue Pro Password will remember all of your online passwords for you 70238732e0

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Provides KeyManager-based static key and lifecycle management.
Provides basic CMS-style playlists.
Enables the transmission of a DRM-protected file to a client.
Parsed List Description:
Provides the ability to manipulate the parsed list of media items.
Enables users to install third-party programs.
Enables users to modify playlist templates.
Enables users to manipulate playlists.
Enables users to create or modify playlists.
Enables users to add or manage PURL records.
Enables users to print the current playlist.
Enables users to rate the items in a playlist.
Enables users to schedule automatic media item delivery.
Enables users to embed media keys.
Enables secure and persistent cookies.
Enables media item metadata extraction.
Enables Unicode support.
Enables the transmission of the Web API to a client.
Enables XML document descriptors for the current playlist.

Vendor Bug Description:
This issue is present in version

CMSLib is a module that contains a set of tools used by the Adobe® Media Server 4.0 media player to play and manipulate media items and to manage the media items’ lifecycle. The Adobe® Media Server 4.0 media player has many of its libraries located in the Adobe Media Server 4.0 installation directory. The following table lists the modules in CMSLib and how they are distributed:

Feature Description:
CMSLib provides a unique mix of key management and event notification support, enabling file uploads, digital asset management, encrypted media transmissions, and other features. The Adobe® Media Server 4.0 media player can work with the following technologies that reside in the Adobe Media Server 4.0 installation directory:

Provides the ability to get a valid URL for the currently running Adobe® Flash® application.

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