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Is there an ideal personality type for children? Thirty-eight percent of the teachers said they prefer students who are “more of a go-getter” and more independent. “We are not shortchangeers,” she says.
Over the years, Debra and Ed have come to recognize each other as kindred souls. All of the field test scripts are open-source. They provide all of the metrics you’ll need to map yourself to your Ideal self.
I love discussions.This Instagram post of an individual in New York who says, “I need to see a person who fucks black girls when I do not,” went viral. It was reposted by, of course, various black feminists, as well as both interracial and gay couples. Even white people (yes, I know the expression is more about color, but it wasn’t used in that way) shared it in response to a “How do I find a black girl for my white boy (WMBW)” post, noting how it spoke to them.

However, the overwhelming response was: YES! This is who I have been waiting for my entire life.

You may know that I’m a college student. I knew this individual was for me. I immediately shared their post on my Twitter account, which skyrocketed to over 10,000 followers in the first 24 hours. However, it’s not that I don’t have any black friends. The point is, I wish that I knew there were more people like this.

Enter The 5% Club.

At the beginning of this summer, I did some research (a lot of it) for my senior thesis project, which focused on the intersections of social justice and sexuality. I came to understand that there are people out there that prefer having interracial sex but are not attracted to interracial relationships. Though this is not a new term, my research discovered that, though it’s not mentioned anywhere in the Oxford English Dictionary, this phenomenon is referred to as the 5% Club.

For context, I did a survey with a student at my university to attempt to find out what constituted the 5% Club and why they considered themselves to be part of the club. I then conducted 4 focus groups with people who said they were either in the 5% Club or had been in it.

After all of this research, I came to the conclusion that the



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