Another possibility might be to use a standalone browser instead, if you like looking straight through the browser window.

Tails is a completely free operating system that aims to provide total privacy to its users. The project has been renamed from Debian Live to match the website, simply because many users have been asking for a Debian version of the Live CD, so they could install and test the operating system in virtual machines on their platforms.
However, the official website has been set to private, and the cde4edac5b

Source code for the widget is included. It works perfectly on both mobile browser and desktop browser.

€ 2,00

An easy-to-use and tiny URL Shortener with which to redirect long URLs to a shorter one, for use when posting links to social media on platforms that lack auto URL shortener.
Shorten any URL you want and share it! Use this widget to easily shorten any URL by appending the

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