AceReader Elite is a professional application designed to improve your language and vocabulary skills via courses, drills and games.
AceReader Elite includes three specialized tools: a training module (prepares you for tests), an assessment section (tracks your reading level) and an online reading application (helps you read online content faster),


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‘AceReader Elite’ is an online application that will help you improve your reading level! AceReader Elite is designed to improve your reading skills by providing a training module and the ability to read online material.
Main Features:
– Videos: Content is organized by course, training module, drills and games. With AceReader Elite, you have access to over 1000 online videos, covering various subjects in a variety of topics, from grammar to vocabulary.
– Quiz: AceReader contains quizzes, tests and questions to keep track of your progress. You can check your progress at any time and mark which topic and training module is giving you the most trouble.
– Downloadable: AceReader is available both as an online application and as an offline application for all Mac and Windows platforms.
– Fully featured: AceReader includes a training module, an assessment section and the online application.
– Support: AceReader has a community forum that can help you with any issues you may encounter.

Multiuse Reader is a powerful and fast eBook reader that helps you search through a wide range of eBook files, and is most commonly used to browse through PDF files. It is similar to other popular applications in this category including Adobe Reader, Zipeg etc.
Multiuse Reader Features:
> Multiuse Reader supports the most common eBook file types (ePub, Kindle, CBZ, MOBI, PDF, TXT, PDB, CPF, EPUB3)
> Scanning of any folders, allowing you to search through your files easily without going through them all one by one
> View and print content in addition to reading it
> Add a bookmark for easy navigation
> You can specify the font/size in your documents and turn off the auto-rotate
> The footer of your document will be shown to the user, including the title, author and date of creation. You can add or remove the footer by simply dragging it to the bottom of the page or middle of the page.
> Support multi-page text selection
> Built-in dictionary / multi-language support
> Support “Autocorrect” feature
> Support Html editor
> Auto-connect to internet via wi-fi or 3G
> Multiuse Reader Downloads:
– Multiuse Reader 6.60
– Multiuse Reader 6.30
– Multiuse Reader 6.21

ScannerXML Sotware is a WiFi scanner software for multiple scanners

AceReader Elite 16.9.6 [Latest-2022]

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An application to bring games into your pocket! Football Fever is a football game for the true fan. The game is played by using just your finger. The goal of the game is to go for the highest score. The game includes twenty five mini-games, four game modes and unlimited levels.

An application to improve your language skills! Cucrunch is a vocabulary and grammar learning and review game. The game suggests words and describes their meaning. Each level contains a set number of words to get familiar with the vocabulary. The game is available in English, German, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch.

An application to polish your skill in memory games! You can now improve your memory with the help of this application, made especially for people with visual impairment. You can include pictures to the memory board, you can include the category and the number of words/pictures to memorize as you choose.

An application to learn grammar to improve your reading and writing skills. The game is a match between your brain and the intelligent assistant. The intelligent assistant reads the text shown on the screen, and, depending on the correct answers, the assistant suggests more or less likely correct explanations for each word.

An application for visually impaired people. The game is in the form of an interactive board game. The game is organized into 4 levels. The text is shown on the screen with a picture of an object that should be named by the player. After each question, the assistant gives a list of suggestions of what should be named. The player then has to choose from the suggestions given and the game is over when the player gives a specific object a correct answer.

An application to train your memory. The app is designed to help those who are losing their memory abilities. The interactive-type game contains a memory board where pictures are shown. The application presents lists with a set number of pictures/words that you should memorize. After each question, the assistant shows the picture you are supposed to recognize and, if you recognize it, you get points. The points are used to access high-level information in the game that will increase the level of difficulty.

An application for free-visit centers. The application is designed to help children with autism receive their regular check-ups at the free-visit centers and their parents to get to know that the check-up was successful and that the child is progressing in an optimal way.

A new therapeutic method for autism

What’s New In AceReader Elite?

– Give the benefit of an unlimited, innovative lesson library to train and test yourself.
– AceReader has an extensive range of dictionaries and courses in different levels to help you improve your language skills.
– Manage your progress using the assessment tool, AceReader.
– AceReader allows you to:
– Train/Learn a new language
– Score your level of proficiency in a language
– Understand the skill with a conversation tool
– Use a unique vocabulary builder tool
– Practice reading and listening
– Search for any words in any dictionary
– Offline reading mode
– AceReader is a powerful tool for language learners, educators, students, professionals and business users.
AceReader & GradeApp features:
– AceReader is a feature rich, innovative and very easy to use application that allows you to improve your language, test yourself or use it in your work.
– AceReader supports the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese).
– AceReader works very well on different devices such as Android (phones and tablets), iPad and also on Apple Computers.
– Save money: AceReader’s small size, the prices and the 3 languages supported with the application at the same time, make it a great solution for a low-cost program.
– Save time: AceReader is focused on performance. Each library contains only sentences from dictionaries in the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. They are grouped by theme (grammar, vocabulary) or by difficulty and updated constantly, making your life easier.
– AceReader supports:
– Study your pronunciation
– Grade yourself
– Study by (and) Language
– AceReader is a fully-featured educational and training app that is compatible with many web browser and pdf.
AceReader Features:
– + 9 Languages supported
– + 5 Languages supported (Agency): English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese)
– + Large word banks
– – History and scores of your last scores
– – Ability to test yourself
– – Ability to analyze your vocabulary
– – Ability to practice from all lexicon categories
– – Skill level of you vocabulary and your language
– – Ability to monitor your reading level
– – Ability to read an on-line dictionary
– – Ability to use an on-line dictionary
– +

System Requirements For AceReader Elite:

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