Despite the fact that working on the computer might sound like the most relaxing job in the world, the sheer number of users visiting the hospitals each year prove the contrary. Irrespective of the fact that you are spending 7 or 8 hours sitting in front of the PC for leisure or work, you should not neglect your health and take breaks often.
Activity Reminder is a lightweight piece of software designed to analyze user computer activity patterns and reminds them to take a break from time to time.
Simple setup and intuitive interface
After a quick setup, you are welcomed by a small, yet intuitive and colorful main window that displays the options available. Even though the functions do not include a tooltip, the icons are representative for their role and should not cause any challenges.
The application can also be accessed from the System Tray and enables you to create, view and set timers for the tasks, events and appointments you plan to complete in the current day. The tool also includes an Achievement and Awards window that can help keep you motivated, particularly if you enjoy playing mini games.
Comes with other useful tools such as task reminders
The main function of the program is to analyze the user activity at the computer on regular intervals, statistics that are neatly displayed in a bar graph. You can access activity statistics on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis as well as during specific dates.
In addition to monitoring, the application enables you to create tasks and reminders, an option that can help you figure out the activities that take the most of your time. Lastly, the utility permits you to set alerts and reminders for all sorts of tasks or when you consider it would be a good moment to take a break.
A tool that can help you maintain your health
If you started experiencing back pains, eye problems and have a bad posture, then perhaps it is time to reevaluate the time you are spending sitting down. Activity Reminder allows you to analyze and optimize these intervals and reminds you of the importance to take a break.









Activity Reminder Free

1. Package your computer activity into simple tasks.
2. Create, view and change your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activity statistics and graphs.
3. Specify the types of tasks and reminders you would like to set.
4. Take a break when the time is right!
5. The software is a lean app, running without unnecessary components.
6. You can download the FREE Demo version and evaluate the features you like before buying.
System Requirements:
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 Server, 2000
How to run software on Ubuntu:
Right-click on the.DEB file you have downloaded. Then select Open in Terminal and follow the instructions. Run the command below.
sudo dpkg -i software.deb
To remove the.DEB file from your desktop, right-click on it and select Remove.
This is a freeware tool, as stated before. All the features of the software are free.

Active Html Editor – New, Fast, Lightweight Free Editor
Active Html Editor – New, Fast, Lightweight Free Editor is a desktop program for Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers. It lets you easily edit HTML code or any other text. Simply type what you want to change and click on the text you wish to edit.
You can see a preview of the changes before clicking the Save button. You can edit the text using the features of the standard Windows editor (like word processor or document reader). It is not necessary to learn a special HTML editing language like JavaScript, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, HTML etc. You can even copy or paste text from the main Windows editor to the HTML editor.
You can change the text style. You can change the font, its size, its color, the font color, the text alignment (left, center, right) and more. You can also apply a bulleted list, a numbered list, horizontal and vertical ruler and more. You can even apply a ruler to entire document. It supports tables, frames, images, links and more.
You can insert or remove any HTML tag using standard Windows tools like Open, Paste, Cut, Redo. You can also create a new HTML tag with the menu Tools>HTML tag creator. You can add your own tags to your HTML code.
Besides HTML editing, it also supports OLE, Rich Text Editing, Clipboard, Quick Words, Spell Check, Auto-Complete, Auto-Reload

Activity Reminder

Activity Reminder is a small tool that allows you to monitor your computer usage and reminds you to take a break whenever needed. The app is available in a portable version (46 Mb), a full-featured version (118 Mb) and a configuration tool (45 Mb).
Web File Sharing is a web-based file sharing tool that supports FTP, FTPS and WebDAV protocols, upload and download speeds, quotas and more.
Web File Sharing Description:
Web File Sharing is a web-based file sharing application designed to allow secure file sharing between users or groups. Files can be transferred between computers, but the program is mainly designed to connect to FTP or FTP-like servers.
To use the file sharing tool, you just need to add FTP or FTPS servers to Web File Sharing’s configuration and hit the Publish button to share files with other users or groups. You can also use Web File Sharing to manage upload and download speeds, quotas and other features.
Web File Sharing Features:
• Easily Manage FTP or FTP-like servers
• Securely Transfer Files between Computers
• Customizable interface
• Configure upload and download speeds, quotas and more
Web File Sharing Screenshots:

Halloween is over and so should have been the scary pranks and tricks that you put on your friends’ Facebooks and Twitters. However, there is no use getting upset about it as it is time to start thinking about the next trick-or-treat season. In the following article you will find 30 great examples of the most creative costumes, amazingly surprising Halloween Masks, Halloween Costumes and Halloween Decorations.

A joint project between Honda and the Aichi Digital Economy Center (DEC) to promote the usefulness of digital technologies. It was driven by the idea that a new generation of digital technologies should offer opportunities for people’s everyday life and society. The digital world that we live in is becoming a commodity, and people are turning to new technologies for variety in daily life. For example, it is possible to play games on mobile phones and to write emails on tablet PCs. Digital technology has the potential to help people lead a better life in many ways, but there are still many steps to take before people fully understand the benefits and opportunities digital technology can offer, but the future of technology is going to be even more exciting.

Nearly every day we interact with automated systems in our life – from automated receptionists to automated mail sorting, to automated surveillance and fraud detection

Activity Reminder Crack With Serial Key Free Download

Activity Reminder is a lightweight tool designed to track user computer activity, analyze the process, display the results on a graphical display and also remind you to take breaks from time to time.
– Free for use
– User Interface that is simple and intuitive
– Allows you to create, view and set timers for the tasks, events and appointments you plan to complete in the current day
– Includes an Achievement and Awards window that can help keep you motivated, particularly if you enjoy playing mini games
– Permits you to set alerts and reminders for all sorts of tasks or when you consider it would be a good moment to take a break
– Set activity analysis intervals on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
– Quick and easy installation and setup

What’s a simple tool to remind you to take your medication? Wish you could instantly view relevant health information on your smartphone? These two questions are already answered by the Medibubble application. The idea is to encourage patients to use their medication by creating a bubble surrounding them.
With the help of your medication, the program tracks your health condition, reminds you to take your medications, and provides you with specialized advice on medication. Users can also connect with other users or find the medication on a state or federal database. The application is simple to use and for each medication, users receive feedback on relevant information, such as side-effects and interactions with other drugs. Furthermore, it is a lot of fun, and it helps you feel good!
Medibubble Description:
Medibubble is a mobile application that informs people on their health condition and reminds them to take their medications. The goal of Medibubble is to provide personalized medication information to patients by creating a bubble around them. The bubbles are colored so that it is easy to distinguish the bubble for medicine. If the user enters the bathroom, the bubble will close automatically.
The program will:
– Track medication intake
– Remember the time
– Show the user’s health condition
– Display the user’s medication
– Help users remember to take their medication
– Push the user to the appropriate website
– Display the medication, indications, and warnings of each medicine
– Provide advice on medication
– Offer the user to connect with other users
– Be the ideal tool for patients in any place
– Help fill up gaps of medication knowledge.

With its unique, cute design and helpful features, Fitbit is one of the most useful and affordable fitness devices on the market

What’s New In?

Activity Reminder is a simple and easy to use application that helps you improve your workflow and helps you take breaks more frequently. It monitors your system activity and analyzes when you spend your time at the computer in a detailed manner. It can also remind you to take a break often and even help you track the time you spend on the computer in a high precision manner.
✓ Generate reports about your activity levels in a nice manner.
✓ Automatically remind you of events and tasks that you want to complete.
✓ Help you establish an ideal sleep and work schedule.
✓ Save you a lot of time.
✓ Create a detailed report that shows the time you spend on different activities and also the time you spend on different activities.
✓ Get reminded of the things you need to do.
✓ Monitor your activity levels.
✓ Stay healthy.
✓ Earn awards!
– Add your own time tracking activities.
– Improve your workflow, by letting you know the time you spend on your computer in the most detailed manner.
– Analyze your system activity in a detailed manner.
– Plan your work and sleeping schedule.
– Get notified of the tasks you want to complete.
– Stay healthy!
– Save time!
What’s new in this version:
Bug fixes and improvements.

Dealtology is a program that aims to establish a balance in the distribution of business deals.



Dealtology Description:
Have you ever encountered a situation when some contacts of yours never seem to get back to you? Have you ever noticed that nobody seems to want to buy from you? Well, if that is the case, then you might want to think about improving your communications skills and relationships with your contacts. Dealtology is a program that comes with its own unique set of features that aims to establish a balance in the distribution of business deals.
In order to improve your relationships with your contacts, you should consider using the Dealtology that is designed to get the right person right on the first try.
What are the key features of the Dealtology?
• Forming a relationship with your contacts.
• Helping you analyze your business contacts.
• Helping you choose new

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or Windows 8.1
2GB RAM or more
30GB HD space
Internet Explorer 10 or Firefox 29
You can also download the whole issue here.
The following is a short explanation of the features of the app.
1. Overview
It features a map viewer that shows the where, when, and how each Pokémon was captured and trained.
It also shows the evolution status of each Pokémon.
The number of Pokémon born at any time are also shown.
This means that when you want

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