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What Is Photoshop? Photoshop is a graphics program that can easily convert graphic files from one format to another, and then it can do almost anything to them. Photoshop can create shapes, copy and paste images, make those images transparent, make them move around, and do more. And it can do all this using multiple layers. And it can make a video out of a picture.

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Photoshop has many tools that enable you to do many things. Most of them are used in most programs, but in Photoshop they are in one toolbox that makes it easier to find what you need and use the features you need.

The Tools

The tools in Photoshop are divided into the top bar with the palettes, the layers, and the file menu, and the tools that create and alter the image.

The Palettes

The palettes are the big ovals in the left column. There is one named Image, another one for Colors, and one for Layers. If you want to use one of the available palettes, you click that palette and can access all the tools and toolsboxes that are inside.

The top palette contains the following tools:


Drop shadow

Gradient (makes the image look like it has a gradient)

Tile tool (changes the background image)


Eyedropper (to test a color)

Text tool

Magic wand

Pencil tool

Lasso tool

Healing brush

Mask tool

Color picker

The bottom palette contains:


Paint bucket




Healing brush

Path tool

Draw tool

Text tool


Pencil (which is for drawing with a line)


The Colors Palette

The Colors palette is the orange palette, and it contains the tools listed in the top palette. You can use the gradients tool (which is in the top palette) to make different shades of colors or mix different colors together.

The Layers Palette

The Layers palette contains the tools that create and alter the image. It has three sections that contain the tools for creating layers.


Vector layer

Clipping mask

The top section has the following

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My textbox is not being generated when I create a custom user control in C#

I am trying to create a simple user control to wrap some functionality for all of our WinForms applications.
So the control would look something like this:

However, when the control is added to the page, the textbox is not being added. So I tried this:

And if I create a usercontrol by just putting a TextBox on the form, it works.
So how does one properly create a custom user control?


You have to add it the page’s Controls collection, like this:
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
Page.Controls.Add(new MyControl(this));

The Controls collection is actually a collection of control types, not raw.NET objects. You can create a control manually, but Controls are created automatically.
The reason why your UserControl did not render the TextBox you added is that there is no DirectCast call to cast MyControl to TextBox. The TextBox.Tag property cast the type at runtime.

Prenatal prediction of severe cardiac impairment in premature infants with early and late trisomy 21.
The aim of the study was to establish the best predictors of severe cardiac impairment in premature infants at risk of having trisomy 21. The study was conducted at nine tertiary level centres in Finland in the years 1997-2008. All clinically indicated chorion villus sampling (CVS) cases, during weeks of gestational age 13-29 (n = 4104), and all firstborn full-term singletons (n = 5342) delivered after week 30 after 24 weeks of gestation were included in the study. The characteristics of the infants were analysed by multivariate logistic regression. An abnormal diagnosis of trisomy 21 was highly associated with low or very low 5-min Apgar score (odds ratio [OR] [95% confidence interval {CI}] 3.3 [2.8-4.0]), low birth weight (OR [95% CI] 3.4 [2.9-4.0]), the presence of congenital heart

What’s New in the?


Complex (holomorphic) line bundle is trivial

I’m a little bit confused about the meaning of “holomorphic” and “trivial”. Does this mean the holomorphic structure is trivial (over the basis of a ball as in the definition of $C^{\infty}$-differentiable line bundles), or does it mean it’s trivial as a complex line bundle?


Line bundles over a smooth base are always trivial as complex line bundles: any complex vector space can be considered as a line bundle over any point of it.
A holomorphic line bundle would be a complex vector bundle together with some kind of “holomorphic structure”: a global system of complex numbers $\mathbb C$ acting in an “holomorphic way” on the sections of the line bundle, in the sense that
for any local coordinate $z\in\mathbb C$, $g\in\mathbb C$ and any section $\psi$ of the line bundle. In particular, the holomorphic section $\tilde\psi$ of $K\otimes L$ with $\tilde\psi(z)=\psi(z)\otimes1$ depends holomorphically on $z$.
You can see that this is what is meant by holomorphicity on a holomorphic vector bundle over a complex manifold in Stein’s “Topological Methods in Complex Analysis”.
The holomorphic vector bundle $(E,\mathbb C)$ is trivial.


Purpose of the closest() function in JQuery

Recently I saw some JQuery code like this:
$(“a.someclass”).each(function(e) {

Does anyone know what this function does?


System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2014:

Running Requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz, AMD Athlon XP 2.6GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
1024MB VRAM, Radeon 9800, nVidia 8800GT
600MB available space
What is PC Battle Royale?
PC Battle Royale is the culmination of years of work and progress in game development. With PC Battle Royale players are asked to fend for themselves against an onslaught

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