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The eighth film from Japan-born anime director Katsuhiro Otomo will be a 20th Century Fox feature.
Feb 15, 2021
This was initially released on Blu-ray on November 13, 2020.
Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira was originally released in 1986. This was the film that started it all: a young prodigy genius, hiding from everyone that he is a mutant. After he is discovered by the government, he secretly grows a group of mutant children to develop a cure. Over the next two decades, his family is destroyed by the government’s attempts to control the mutants, and his girlfriend is murdered. Finally, after many of the others of his kind are killed, he decides to destroy everything.
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Otomo’s manga and manga’s movie lives as a series of two 1986 Japanese animated science fiction adventure films, which were also directed by Otomo. The first film, which spawned the overall Akira series, was released in August 1988, while the second film, which eventually became the film series’ true sequel, was released in July 1990.
Lantern TV.
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The movie (sometimes called The Animation, or The Anime Movie) is the first feature film based on the original graphic novel of the same name by Otomo, a massive scale science-fiction anime project that began production in 1982. The film was released in Japanese cinemas in 1988 and has been shown in various film festivals and on television ever since.

Katsuhiro Otomo is a manga artist and anime director. His best known series is AKIRA, a science fiction epic following a young boy who mutates into a cyborg ninja. While on vacation in Tokyo, he meets a girl who holds the key to his dying brother’s humanity. As their young lives collide in a wild adventure, they must overcome the government’s murderous pursuit, along with their other frightening secrets. (Based on a manga he wrote for Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 1981).

Even though Akira was written in 1981, it took several years to get the project funded. The project suffered several setbacks, which means that it took almost two years (1980-1982) from the time the idea was conceived


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