Editing Extensible Markup Language (XML) code and performing other operations that might involve debugging or transforming complex schemas necessitates solid knowledge and a dedicated tool to carry out the tasks successfully.
Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition is one such utility and it provides a lot more than basic XML editing functions, as it can serve as a fully-fledged development environment.
Design projects from a friendly GUI
Once you start the program, you will notice the abundance of functions and commands it offers from a well organized main window. The layout is customizable and the different areas of the workspace can be easily moved or hidden from view.
Selecting projects, unfolding them to view the components and getting detailed information about each element are all possible from the left and right panels of Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition.
Powerful editing, designing and project management feature set
When it comes to the goodies packed inside this software solution, they mostly pertain to the abundance of functions that are available. The application can handle a lot of XML operations, DTD and schema design tasks, so it's only a matter of picking the right tool for inserting or customizing a certain element.
A nice addition most users will find very useful is the support for several database types. More precisely, Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition is able to query and work with IBM DB2, SQL Server and Oracle XML DB databases.
Code conversions are also possible like those to and from XML and JSON. The data imported from text or database files can be transformed as well and this utility will receive input even from Microsoft Office documents.
A complete environment for handling all XML related jobs
All in all, Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition can be safely counted among the most powerful apps of its kind, especially thanks to the impressive collection of tools and functions it offers users who need to edit, design and check XML content.







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Do you need to open a code file (the source) but you don’t know where it is on your computer?

Using the XML editor of the XMLSpy Product Suite (XMLSpy Enterprise Edition) will give you these features at your fingertips.

You can quickly navigate your project through your code by selecting a class or namespace, either by searching by name or by browsing. You can also look into your code from any class or namespace by hovering your mouse over one. In addition, you can open a class or namespace by double-clicking on it, and you can navigate to the declaration and implementation of a method.

Matching, Extending, Type Definition and Datatype Mapping

XMLSpy can map a datatype to another datatype, extending the implementation of a class or of a method. XMLSpy can also detect if a class or method contains a casting or conversion instruction, or if it does not.

External Data Import

You can import external data from a database, Excel, text file, or an XML document.

DVCS Support

For most versions of the VCS, XMLSpy can offer you all kind of operations – from simple files search to commit/revert/unstage.

Re-build Selection

You can re-build your selection with several commands: Extend, Import, Derive, Move, Connect and all others.

With XMLSpy’s Encode/Decode features, you can encode/decode an XML element in or out of the code editor, and you can encode/decode a XML attribute out of an XML node, in or out of the code editor.

With XMLSpy’s HTML templates, you can create HTML tags and attributes. You can modify them and open in a browser when needed. You can also open HTML in a web page for immediate use.

Bug Reports

Help us keep the software quality, by reporting any potential bug to our developers.

Syntax Highlighting

With XMLSpy’s syntax highlighting, you can view an XML code at its best.

Conditional Code Blocks

XMLSpy offers you conditional code blocks for XML editing.

Insertion Code

XMLSpy allows you to write your own class or method insertion code. You can store it, execute it or send it to a database.

Function Assignment

With XML

Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition Download X64 [2022]

Altova XMLSpy is the award-winning, industry-leading XML editing, designing, checking, and transformation solution.
With Altova XMLSpy you can easily create, edit, transform, check, validate, analyze, debug and convert XML using any technology (including XSLT, XQuery, XPath, XSL, XSD, DTD), common databases, and many other data sources, and using multiple languages including C#, VB.NET, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, and Python.
Comprehensive XML editing capabilities
With Altova XMLSpy you can easily edit, transform, check, validate, analyze, debug, and convert any XML document or tree structure. Easily add text, comments, and formatting. Edit and manipulate tags, attributes, and contents. Add, edit, and format entities. Use XSD, DTD, XSL, XQuery, XPath, and XSLT elements. Transform data to XML, database, CSV, and HTML. Build and analyze schema, XSLT, XQuery, and XPath queries. Extract tag or path to a node or document using XPath or XQuery. Generate XML or HTML with context help. Preview and validate XML. Print, copy, or export XML. Import XML data from text or database files. Send XML to a Web service or download it to file. Show list of all tags, elements, and attributes. Search based on list, XPath, or name. Paste a block of XML from clipboard. Import and export XML data to/from files and database. Create, modify, check, validate, and transform DTD, XSD, XSL, XQuery, and XPath schemas. Insert, modify, and remove elements, attributes, and attributes with context help. Embed a schema as a resource to simplify data conversion, validation, and transformation. Merging and splitting documents in real time.
XML Document Editor
Make complex projects simple. Extend your XML editor to support more than 100 XML dialects. Edit and transform XML with XPath expressions, XSLT, XQuery, and more.
XML Schema Designer
Design complex XML schemas using an easy to use graphical environment. Design elements, data types, patterns, constraints, and more. Use powerful XSD.DTD validators, XSLT, XQuery, XPath, XQuery, and more. Save to file or database.
XML Transformation Designer

Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition License Key For PC

Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition is an ultimate XML editor and provides an essential software toolset to handle XML files as well as other kinds of files. Altova XMLSpy works as an IDE providing a comprehensive set of functions that range from basic XML editing and management to sophisticated XML design, data conversion and database capabilities. The XMLSpy also allows the user to evaluate and debug DTDs and XSDs.
XMLSpy is a great starting point for XML development with its powerful editing and design features. XMLSpy helps you to develop, debug, check, modify and optimize XML-based applications. XMLSpy is the best tool to debug and validate web services and XML-based UDDI vocabularies.
XMLSpy supports the whole XML structure in the form of various editing functions. XMLSpy works as a code development tool and offers you all the features of a code editor. Its dual-paned design allows you to view both the XML code and the XML information in a single window.
XMLSpy offers a wide range of options for editing, previewing, searching, indexing, editing XSD, XSDL, and XQuery files. Also, the dual-paned design of the application allows you to view both the XML code and the XML information in a single window.
XMLSpy is an XML Editor. XMLSpy offers you to create, browse, edit, and manage a wide variety of XML files in the IDE and at a fast way. XMLSpy also supports XSD, XSDL, XQuery, XSL, WXML, WXSD, JSON and HTML files.
XMLSpy provides the best editing tools for creating, viewing, modifying, and managing XML files, and DTD and XSD files. With this application, you can perform routine text editing, navigation, toolbars, features, tags, attributes, child elements, and element types.
Key features:
Powerful Editing, Designing and Project Management Feature Set
Accurate Error/Warning Reporting with Code Completion and Quick Diagnostics
Powerful Code Generation and Schema Linting
Database Support for multiple XML, JSON, Databases and Text files
Advanced XQuery, XSL, DTD, Schema, XML, and WXML Editing Tools
3XC/C++ Source Editing: XMLSpy is a code editing tool that creates XSD files from XML schemas.

What’s New In Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition?

XMLSpy is highly integrated XML editor, which provide you to edit, design and maintain XML documents. XMLSpy contains an object-oriented designer that is based on the W3C DOM and DTD. XMLSpy support includes:
-Scraping of XML documents from Internet
-Designer for XML documents
-Editing and maintenance of XML documents
-RSS, Atom, and other XML schema
-Import XML documents,
-Export XML documents
-Support for DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle.
Main Features:
-Open/Edit/Save/Save As…/Print Design Scripts.
-Support for Scraping/Extracting specific section/tag from the source document.
-Support for Data Integration.
-Support for Data Transformation/Importing/Exporting XML documents.
-Support for Database/SQL.
-Support for XML schema generation from Databases.
-Support for Code generation/Converting between XML and another format.
-Supports DB2, SQL Server and Oracle database.
-Supports XML Schema Parsing.
-Automatically generated Code viewer.
-Generate XML code/documents from a database table.
-Supports XML Parsing.
-View all design/support error message.
License: GNU General Public License.
Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition Change History:
Version: 4.8.0
Platform: Windows (x86 and x64), Linux (x86 and x64), OS X (x86 and x64)
File Size: 3.8 Mb
Release Notes: Support for Android, CMS, DB2, HTML, INNO, Java, JavaScript, JSP, JSON, LDAP, LINQ, MySQL, Oracle, PHP, Pointer, PostgreSQL, R, RegEx, SMTP, SQL, SSH2, SQLite, UNICODE, ZIP, ZIP64, and Zlib.
Altera XMLSpy 4.8 Enterprise Edition is the most important update since we published this release at the end of 2014.
Major changes and improvements include:
-Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 as 32-bit and 64-bit targets.
-New Export XSD menu option to generate XML Schema and other related files to code editor.
-Added support for Android Tablet/Smart Phone.
-Automatically generated custom code data type converter.
-Support for accessing images in

System Requirements For Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition:

SYSTEM: OS: 8.1.0 or later
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.16GHz or better
HALO has


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