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AMIS Torrent Download is a program used to convert a book into text files. It does not have an audio-book mode.
There are following features:
* Cut, paste, delete, merge, and transpose pages.
* Integrate pages into a bibliographic record.
* List of book’s data that can be printed in a book catalog.
* List of book’s data that can be reported to the library’s online databases.
* Save a bibliographic record and all its pages as a text.
* Save a bibliographic record as a text or as a bibliography file.
* Save a text formatted according to Dewey.
* Scroll text vertically and horizontally.
* Hand-writing recognition.
* Audio Book Library.
* List of books included into a library’s collection.
* Edit text format files.
* List pages with an active view.
* List pages with an inactive view.
* Log pages.
* Read a book book.
* Read a book book on a specific page.
* Read a book book on a specific page by ear.
* Read a book book on a specific page to emulate a very old-fashioned BBS screen-reader.
* View a book book’s index page.
* View a book book’s table of contents.
* View a book book’s text.
* View a book book’s index.
* View a book book’s table of contents.
* Browse books and add them to a library’s collection.
* Browse books and add them to a library’s collection.
* Report a specific book.
* Search the library’s collection.
* Change a book’s author.
* Change a book’s title.
* Change a book’s subject.
* Change a book’s page count.
* Change a book’s file name.
* Change a book’s edition.
* Change a book’s language.
* Find a book by author.
* Find a book by title.
* Move a book from one library to another.
* Search for a specific book in a library’s collection.
* View book’s display items.
* Add a book to a library’s collection.
* Remove a book from a library’s collection.
* View a book’s list of contained items.
* View a book’s list of a particular number of pages.
* View a book’s list of a particular number of

AMIS Crack License Keygen

Aims to provide a simple access to the [.daisy] format as a way to access digital resources.

Program information:

Version: “1.2.1”
Platform: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X



View tables and hyperlinks: Shows all the chapter headers and hyperlinks in the current chapter.
Show the current chapter number: Shows the current chapter number on the top left of the window
Change window size: The window size can be set to a size that suits you.
Interactive sidebar: The sidebar can be used to manipulate the book’s structure
Bookmarks: Bookmarks are hyperlinks that you can use to navigate to specific pages within a chapter
Automatic page look up: Automatic page look up shows you the current page
Display text: Displays the selected chapter
Display text & hyperlinks: Displays the current chapter, hyperlinks and the list of previous pages
Open the original title: Open the DAISY file in a file viewer application (e.g. a text editor)


Tables are an easy way to structure a book, and they can be used to mark sections, page headers and footers. You can add text in a cell, or you can drag and drop a link to another page.

AMIS supports a search function that can be used to search an entire book (i.e. a whole chapter). The search function uses a similarity score to locate a word that matches (i.e. it’s a bit like using a spell-checker).


Navigation is the process of locating a specific section within a chapter. A navigation bar is shown on the top left of the window, which indicates the number of chapters, the current chapter, the next and previous chapter and the list of page ranges (i.e. from to).

Search Results:
Search results provides a structured overview of the places in the book that the search term appeared (i.e. a list of places).


DAISY is an international standard for digital books, and is used to read and create digital books in many countries. The reference collection is based on OCRs (i.e. optical character recognition) of an electronic text of DAISY books. More information about DAISY is available at

AMIS Crack +

AMIS allows you to control DAISY books in
full screen, and in zooming mode, where the
text can be read in small paragraphs.

Update on 03/25/2020

You can use the following libraries if you want to use JustText on Python. They are in the Git repository.
You can check the source codes on the links below:
JustText 2.0.2
JustText 2.2.1
JustText 2.2.3
JustText 3.0.0
JustText 3.0.3
JustText 3.1.0

I will also update my answer if I find out a better solution to read DAISY using Python.

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Q:How can I unify multiple Charts on one page (eg. manage multiple Cylinder charts with a single button)?

A: You must use the following HTML code:

If you want to continue to manage a single Chart on a page, click on the “Drag” attribute.

Unfortunately, the current version of Charts does not work with the following HTML code:

If you want to continue to manage multiple Charts on a page, click on the “Drag” attribute. If you want to turn off the Drag functionality, click on the “Disable” attribute. Unfortunately, the current version of Charts does not work with the following HTML code:

Q:Is there a way to change the colour of the text on the top navigation?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot change the colour of the top navigation. In order to change the colour of the text on the top navigation, you would need to do so in the CSS file.

Q:How can I create a custom tool bar?

A: The Custom Toolbar is a new feature on Ch

What’s New In?

AMIS (Assistive Machine Interpreted Speech) is a free, open source
software for people with disabilities. It is an add-on to the text
processing program GOTOICONS, which also has the ability to read

You can install it on Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:filip2525/goplay-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ais-s

and on Fedora:

sudo yum install ais

What does it do?

DAISY compatible open source reader (DAISY Book format).
Ability to read DAISY / AVI, EPUB, HTML, PDF, DOCx, TXT and OPML books.
Ability to change the language of the reader.
Ability to add tags to the text.

And this is a demo video that shows you how it works (if you watch it in full screen, it looks a bit strange):

What I didn’t say in the video, is that AMIS came with a bit of a learning curve and every time I see it I have to do a bit more figuring out before the window will be properly read.

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System Requirements:

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