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Fast way to compute power

I’d like to speed up a computation done over time like this:
import scipy.stats as stats

fast_stats = stats.power(*map(functools.partial(stats.power_derivative, x = value), list_of_values))
slow_stats = stats.power(*map(power, list_of_values))

It seems to me that the slow approach above would compute power 4 times with a map call, while the fast approach would compute it 10 times with 3 map calls.
Is that correct? And if yes, is there any other alternative?


That is not correct, the fast approach would not make 10 map calls, it would make 3:
import scipy.stats as stats
def map(func, *args):
out = func(*args)
for e in out:
e = func(*args)
return out

print(stats.power(*map(func=power, args=list_of_values)))
#3 * 8.6851301097602159e-07

print(stats.power(*map(func=power, args=list_of_values)))

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