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45 Germany bordering Carinthia and Rho, Veronese city in Italy , between Louisiana and Florida, French, 1701, 15. lat. 46 In Russia, these events are described in the book by L. M. Savelov.
“Captured by the Chukchi.”
47 “In August 1871, from Petropavlovsk, he went to sea on a boat and was found dead in Lazarev Bay (now it is the northeastern part of Bering Bay), 70 km from Cape Lopatka, a Chukchi named Tymka, who was shot in the head of a Russian officer, boat commander.
It turned out to be the grandson of Analco, who in 1794 was captured on the island of Attu (Aleutian Islands) and released a few years later.



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