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AnyCAD Part Editor Free Download

The AnyCAD Part Editor Torrent Download is an application designed to help you create parametric 3D models.
You can utilize the Geometric API to create and manipulate the 3D shapes, as well as perform extrusion, retopology and boolean operations. In addition, you can use the visualization API to automatically add materials for your models, using image masks. Finally, the Parametric API enables you to parametrize your 3D models with scripted operations.
The application is easy to use, as it consists of a simple GUI. All the necessary controls are located on the main window. All the major operations are easy to perform and can be done in several clicks. The application has a pleasant user interface and its application window can be resized to your needs, in order to make it more comfortable.
AnyCAD Part Editor Crack Mac Interface:
The main window has a size of 1280×800 pixels. The window borders are minimized and can be resized using the scrollbars. You can also dock the window at a specific place on the desktop.
The left pane shows the settings of your model. You can modify its properties such as the material, its color, the number of vertices or the overall size. The properties window has been divided into four panels. The top one is for the material properties, the second one is for the geometry properties, while the last one is for the position and orientation. The bottom one is the panel with the properties for the visualization of the part.
In the right pane of the main window, you will find the dialogs for creation of the part. There are several tabs on this window. The ‘Create’ tab allows you to add a new part. You can save this part in a file or save it as a picture. The ‘Open’ tab allows you to load previously created files and to open them in the program. The ‘Save’ tab allows you to save the part in a file, as well as to save it as a picture. The last tab enables you to export a part to the STEP, STL, IGES, STP or IGS format.
You can also use the ‘View’ tab to choose from several view options. The view can be set as orthographic, isometric, topographic or perspective. You can also add a camera for the right pane or dock it on the side.
The top bar of the main window has a button for setting the preferences of the program. In addition, it

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That’s it!

In order to receive an easier access to your files, you can store them in our server and use them as much as you want.
It means that you can easily open them in other applications or use them to create your own things.
Here you are, you can download the AnyCAD Part Editor (an integrated development environment for parametric 3D modeling operations) for free.
The size of the software package is 1.6 Mb, so you will need a modern and fast internet connection to download it in a few minutes.
If you liked the software, you can download it completely free of charge!
We do not ask you to provide your name and e-mail address, you can download the software in total privacy.
You do not need to register as an account to download it, you can just download the file using a standard internet browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
You will be able to use this software completely free for an indefinite period of time.
The software is copyrighted by AnyCAD Software. You can try the product without any registration or registration required.

The Windows version of anyCAD Part Editor is a powerful tool for designing parametric 3D parts. Its ribbon-based user interface is simple and easy to use for even non-computer-users. Once you have made your first part, you will enjoy using it. Read More »Q:

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What’s New in the?

& lt; 1. Add any number of parametric features to CAD-like 3D models, adding any number of layers (parameters) to them.
& lt; 2. Create, open, save, or export models to any 3D CAD software, with no limitations.
& lt; 3. Create any number of objects, including solids, cylinders, cones, planes, boxes, and shapes.
& lt; 4. Create or import AutoCAD DXF, DWG, IGES, STL, STP or IGS files.
& lt; 5. Add materials to the model by using the embedded Material Editor, a table to load AutoCAD Materials, or use Photoshop to create a new material for it.
& lt; 6. Set, read, and edit object properties.
& lt; 7. Use the Parametric Editor to create, open, and save your model parameter.
& lt; 8. Use the scripting API to write your own code or modify any script in the script editor.

AnyCAD Part Editor is a complex and efficient piece of software functioning as an Integrated Development Environment for parametric 3D modeling operations, providing you with the means to create and export 3D models from scratch.
No installation required
Subsequent to the download process, you can simply unzip the archive and run AnyPartEditor.exe from the ‘Bin’ folder, as the program’s installation is not necessary.
As such, you can easily work with AnyCAD Part Editor on any compatible computer, carrying it with you on a USB stick or similar memory devices, running it at the office or at home, without having to wait around for it to install.
Straight-forward user interface
The interface of the utility is fairly simple to understand and handle, featuring a main window where you can preview the part you are designing, while in the left-side panels, you can adjust its ‘Properties’ or work with the ‘Script Editor’.
AnyCAD Part Editor’s ribbon offers you quick access to the more relevant functions, namely ‘Create’, ‘Open’, ‘Save’ and ‘Export’ documents. Similarly, you can choose the view modes from the context menu or the right-side toolbar.
Modeling, Visualization and Parametric APIs
The application enables you to use the ‘Modeling API’ and perform primitive modeling operations with various elements, such as line, sphere, box, cone or others. You have several methods to revolve

System Requirements For AnyCAD Part Editor:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4440, Intel Core i5-4570, Intel Core i5-4670, Intel Core i5-4790, Intel Core i7-4790, Intel Core i7-4790S, Intel Core i7-4820, Intel Core i7-4830, Intel Core i7-4850, Intel Core i7-4900, Intel Core i7-4930, Intel Core i7-4960X, Intel

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