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I have seen some websites recommending the PCGamer Fix (found here). It appears that PCGamer has a bug with the save game not being saved after “crossing” .
The save game is not being saved after crossing or by entering the pause state (which can often happen when you enter buildings, such as libraries). Please  .

So, you can simply move the AC Unity folder to a different location. You could start by moving it to the desktop (this is what I’ve done). Once the folder is in the desktop, rename it to SaveGame, and then move it to your main .

If you need further help, here are the instructions for moving the AC Unity folder:
Remove the AC Unity folder from your original installation location. There is a chance that this might lead to a game crash, so it is advised you to back up your game first.

Open the Windows Explorer.

Make sure your anti-virus is running. If it is not, start it.

Double-click on the Windows logo located on your desktop.

Click on the Explorer drop-down and then select Save File Location.

In the window that opens, navigate to the folder that has the AC Unity folder and then click on the “Go”.

Remove the AC Unity folder from your backup location.

Rename the folder to SaveGame and move it to your main game folder.

Open the game launcher and locate your default location for saving games.

Your save game has been successfully backed up and restored. (via Google Drive)

Original Answer:

I am able to play the original AC1 without issues. AC Unity however is making the save game corrupted and unplayable. I tried the fix posted by user XeografxX here. Upon inserting the fix, the game does not give me an error. However, when I try to load the game. The save game is corrupted and says something like “Cannot load the save file in AC Unity”. Please advise.

I am having a similar issue: I have the game save games option set to save in the directory specified in the “Save Games Location” option.

Since I did not see any issue posting the error on the game itself. There may be a setting in the game launcher that needs to be set. For AC Unity specifically, you need to make sure this is set to the directory specified in the game menu “Game


Assassin’s Creed Unity Save Game Fix -Assassin’s Creed Unity Save Game is very convenient and easy to use for you.It’s free and fast, just a few clicks, you can fix it yourself. If the problem does not come by its own, the error message will show on the screen, we also will help you find the problem and fix it for you. You can also get the technical information, such as how to fix the problem by using System Utilities.
I suggest one of the mods is to hide “Too many open processes” error.
Click Modify to select under the Processes tab, then change the General property to
Minimum Number of Processes: 0
Now reload and it should not display that error.
Dec 31, 2017
Open “Skidrow.ini” located in Program Files\Skidrow\Skidrow.ini and replace this code:
[Directory_001] Directory_001_Save_Dir=GAME_DIR_001
with this code:
[Directory_001] Directory_001_Save_Dir=GAME_DIR_001

There is a “Game Requester” in the error message. Do not remove it. If you want to remove it, use this code:
[Directory_001] Directory_001_Save_Dir=GAME_DIR_001
Game Requester=0

I hope it helps…
Jul 28, 2017
Assassins Creed Unity Save Game Fix – Get the game’s save data out of an executable and fix it. A tool to modify executables and “save files” from within the game. Totally portable, does not require installation, only a copy of your executable.
Nov 14, 2015
*** Any chance you could make a link to the save file location for those who never played it originally? It’s saved on my HDD and I don’t know where the original location is. ***
Nov 1, 2019
I think when you do save game it might be fine.
But when you start a game, it comes error like “too many open process”
So I think it could be cause some memory problems.
But you didn’t get any memory problems from this save game fix.
We have created for you a download link.
May 15

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