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If you want to see all the similar functions and more, from the live example you can see how it works easily.


Sadly, you can’t. I have never seen a solution to do this.
There are three types of ID card: paper, plastic and online. The plastic and online ID are connected to a database and the paper is stored in a database. The databases are updated by the company that issues the cards. The company software is linked to the database so that the cards can be issued, renewed, and so on.
If you have no database on the card, it is as simple as this:

use a barcode scanner to read the ID
put the data in a database
download the ID from the database

If you have a database, then it is easy if the card contains a unique, private password.
You can get the password from the card (but I don’t know how you can read the password). Once you have the password, the card is yours.
If the card doesn’t have the unique password, then there is no hope. Some companies, if the card is lost, will go through the passwords to issue a new card. This is the password recovery service that you will get the password from the post office. If the card has no password, then there is nothing they can do.
If the company has no password recovery service, then they will just give you the database to download your ID.
It’s a sad truth that the standard is online database.
I have worked for a company that issues ID cards, and we use online database.

I think this is an awesome idea. It is simple, beautiful and quick. It also reminds me of when we live abroad for about 3 months and then we get homesick and want to come home. Gotta love living life on the road. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas.

Hi Sara, thanks for taking the time to write a comment on my blog. Yes, you are right, when we travel, it is almost impossible for us to have any kind of routine. It is like living in a house with the curtains all drawn. I love your ideas for practical ways to get ready for and ready to travel.gmap3.addMarker(
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