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you learn how to handle ATLASti 7 videodannye.n “transcript” to demonstrate the function of the synchronized document. There are shown two rows of 16 synchronizes document notation. Each line consists of four lines, they alternate in a random order (see. Fig. 2.16).
Rice. 2.16. Notation synchronizing document
Note. This notation is used to specify the order of the images in the scene.
Styles synchronous document used in this section, you will see on the following pages. We get acquainted with them in the chapter “Synchronous syntax and codes.”
Using the machine code in the timing document
In this chapter we will look at two ways in which computer codes to help users to convert the data, called synchronized documents in synchronous format. Both methods (invention Jane Miller (Jane Miller)) based on an asynchronous approach the graphical representation, and both they provide to achieve extremely important for programming.

One of them – use of statistical description of the results of the agreements that people understand. The granting of such agreements may by special data caching procedures, as well as in the framework of the developed software interface. Using statistical procedures useful during the development of applications in the field of artificial intelligence.
Another way to approach the synchronized data to the reasonable mind is synchronized layout of the document so that it corresponds to the natural form and contain only the external data, and then you can move the entire structure of the formatted document in the memory area of the program to include a stack of processed data.
Synchronized document created in this manner provides synchronization, simplicity and flexibility required for working with data collection and analysis processes, using a frequency analysis method. It represents a type of structured dialogue, which you can study in Chapters 7 and 8.
The processed data, and particularly data related to numerical values, with special properties, forcing researchers to believe that they are handled with the help of abstract algorithms. It makes people doubt that in reality they handle real data. To dispel these doubts, necessary algorithms that are able to analyze and interpret complex data.Assuming you keep an eye on how the data is processed by the algorithms, we continue to create conditions that allow users to upload their scientific work to the database



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