Music is not just a pleasant way of passing some time, but is now one of the most successful businesses out there. This doesn't mean just making music, but mixing is also heavily rewarded, but at the cost of great effort and a keen sense for music. If you happen to be looking for a new or alternative mixing station, Audomate might just be equipped with the necessary playlist editor, knobs, sliders and more so you make the audience reach for the sky.
Comes with two components
Upon deployment, the application delivers two counterparts that can be used separately and combined as well. One of them is a database manager, with a built-in player to use while setting up the songs to mix, while the other is a more advanced version of the first, but putting you in control of two mixing decks and various corresponding controls and effects.
In terms of visuals, everything is clean and polished and although there aren't any other themes or customization options, the interface is sure to blend in with any environment. Elements are fitted with detailed textures and real time updating animations for different areas, as well as progress, volume, time and more.
Easily create and prepare playlists
The database manages is easy to use and it's best you start here to avoid getting stuck in the mixer with no songs to mix. Unfortunately, it's not possible to drag files over the main window, but the built-in explorer is pretty intuitive, letting you select just the directory, while also scrubbing the whole structure for any MP3 file it can find, since it's the only supported format.
Multiple details are displayed in the list, such as artist, title, genre, album and more. For a fully-featured experience, the application lets you add cover art, artists, stats. This is for management only, with options to bring up a folder view instead of details. As mentioned above, a compact toolbar fitted with playback controls lets you enjoy songs while creating lists.
Regardless of the component you're using, a toolbar button is there to quickly bring up the other. This comes in handy, especially after you just created a playlist and want to start experimenting with a few audio tricks. What's more, the playlist component also gives you the possibility to add and manage songs in the DJ counterpart.
Add effects and mix songs on the spot
Just like any self-respecting mixing station, this one puts two, fully-functional mixing decks at your disposal, connected by a clever fade tool you can customize and trigger at any time for a smooth transition between audio layers.
There aren't many presets to work with so you have to use your own audio resources. Up to six jingles can be created, even on the spot with the help of built-in recording tools. Sliders for volume and pitch let you work with a few effects, with more options brought by an equalizer.
However, unless you pay a visit to the online help manual you have a hard time getting acquainted with all effects and tools, even some of the basics. This is because no all options are fitted with a name, but rather a simple button that doesn't always speak for itself. For more frustration, tooltips mostly pop up for simple functions, with some effects, buttons and sliders leaving you to find their purpose by yourself.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Audomate comes with good intentions and puts a powerful set of both audio management and mixing tools at your disposal. Although it feels a little rough around the edges here and there, with accommodation being a little difficult, it's sure to keep your DJ skills in good shape, providing a powerful environment for practice.









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1. Xilisoft Music Manager & Mixer for Windows 8
Music and DJ tools come together in a stylish, easy-to-use package.
Mix with the palm of your hands.
Keep your mixing style in perfect shape by mixing your favorite tracks with beatmatching, spectral analysis, and more.
Reverse engineer the track with XMdiver.
Xilisoft Music Manager & Mixer for Windows 8 is the ultimate music player and DJ software, combining powerful mixing features with a robust music library organizer.
Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, you will enjoy the music, beat, and sound of Xilisoft Music Manager & Mixer for Windows 8.
It includes several essential music and DJ features such as
✔ Auto DJ: Listen to the music and automatically build a playlist for an endless play.
✔ Edit and mix music using spectrum display.
✔ Reverse engineer to music track and extract the album art, song title, lyrics, and more.
✔ Create your own music from song samples, MP3 files, and other media files.
✔ Search your music library using intelligent tag searching.
✔ Export your mixed music for sharing with friends and online services.
✔ Automatic Mixing: Listen to the music and automatically build a playlist for an endless play.
✔ Backup and restore your playlists.
✔ Editor to manage your playlists.
✔ Import and export playlists from Winamp and MP3 players.
✔ Create your own music from song samples, MP3 files, and other media files.
✔ Export your mixed music for sharing with friends and online services.
✔ Supports the Internet streaming service Groove Music Pass.
✔ Supports over 20 audio and video formats.
✔ Supports XMdiver (XM to FLAC and MP3) and ID3 tag editor.
✔ Supports iPad, iPod touch and Android tablets.
Included features:
✔ Play songs in different song positions.
✔ Hand-curated playlists with artist, album, genre, and playlist.
✔ Automatic beat matching.
✔ Listen to music by beat, note, and tempo.
✔ Create your own song using song samples, MP3 files, and other media files.
✔ Share your music with friends and online services.
✔ Import and export playlists from Winamp and MP3

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KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use virtual synthesizer that allows you to create your own unique songs, with lots of features and presets. There are 5 genres to play in. Every genre has three variations, 1. Normal, 2. More pronounced and 3. Fast BPM. You can also add your own preset songs and rhythms.
2. Create
Use the mouse to create your own unique style of music. This song can be any genre (Rock, Pop, R&B, Heavy Metal, Dance, Electro, and more) and can have any number of variations.
Also, the tempo can be faster or slower.
Start by placing the cursor on any part of the screen. When the cursor is placed over the screen, click the mouse.
When you want to change the tempo, place the cursor over the bars of the song, and then click the mouse.
When you want to create a new song, use the arrows keys on your keyboard to move to the next/previous song.
When you’re finished, press Ctrl+F5 to save your creation.
3. Export
To export the song, press Ctrl+E.
Name your song by typing it in the text box.
Press Ctrl+Enter to save.
The song is automatically saved to the Desktop.
4. Play
To play your song, press Ctrl+P.
If you want to play the song at the higher pitch, press Shift+Ctrl+P.
If you want to play the song at the lower pitch, press Ctrl+Shift+P.
5. Effects
For easy access to the effects, press Ctrl+Shift+F.
Press the function keys on the keyboard to add effects to the song.
Press P to start playing the song.
For easy access to the main page of the interface, press F1.
6. Arrange
Arrange your song by placing the cursor over a portion of the screen and clicking the mouse.
When you want to change the BPM, place the cursor over the bar of the song, and then click the mouse.
7. Preset Songs
The preset songs can be added to your song, by clicking the mouse over the white space in the song and then clicking a song.
When you want to play your song at a faster tempo, place the cursor over the bars of the song, and then

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Audomate’s MR-100 is a USB interface device that connects to
a computer and facilitates the installation of a real-time playback
engine (such as the Real Player) on a computer.

The device consists of a plug-in card containing the PCI and memory
interface and a driver software in an optional software CD-ROM. The
combination of the card and driver software provides a communication
standard of which the MR-100 is a certified implementation.

The MR-100 card uses a PCI interface that is designed for plug-in
use. It is very easy to set up and easy to install. It does not
require a separate power supply.

The MR-100 driver can be installed in the following ways:

1) Click on “Setup” from the Help menu of the Audiomate Real
Player. In Setup, choose “Select Hardware” and then click on
“Next” until “MR-100”. Click “Finish” to complete the

2) Download the MR-100 software CD-ROM from Audiomate. Double-click
“setup_m100.exe” and follow the instructions.

3) Double-click “setup_m100.exe”. In the upper left corner of
the display is a selection that allows to choose between the
Windows command prompt and the Windows Installer. Choose
Windows Installer. The “setup_m100.exe” program will start.

4) Click on the “Setup” button in the upper left corner. In
the upper left corner a check-mark will appear. Click on
it. After a few seconds the “Setup” window will appear. Click
on “New”. In the upper left corner a selection will appear
that allows to choose between “Hard Disk” and “Local disk”.
Choose “Local disk” and in the upper left corner “Next” will
be clicked. Choose “Use existing hard disk” and click on
“Next” until “Finish”. Click “Finish” and the “Setup” window
will close.

5) Double-

What’s New in the?

Audomate is a powerful and full featured DJ mixing tool. With hundreds of presets and effects that can be used with the Mixer, Audomate is truly a DJ mixing tool. In addition to the Mixer, Audio and FX sections, Audomate includes a complete record and playback section and a session manager that can be used to schedule and store hundreds of songs, crossfade tracks and perform edits all from a single interface.
System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.3.9

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Why does the Internet suck?
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Hackers have hacked into computers since the beginning of the Internet, and they have done this by accessing your computer through your email program. If you have a virus, or an error in your operating system, you may be at the mercy of hackers, who can steal your personal information. These hackers can use your personal information to commit identity fraud, or steal your money, either for themselves, or for others.
What does this mean?
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How to protect yourself
Here are a few easy steps that will help you stay safe on the Internet.
Ensure your computer is always up to date.
Use a secure browser.
Use an anti-virus program.
Use parental controls.
Avoid software that is suspicious.
Be aware of phishing and spam.
Avoid free software.
Set your firewalls to strong settings.
Keep your antivirus program and firewall up to date.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
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Storage: 3 GB available space
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