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Auto Shutdown 10.4.2 Keygen Full Version X64

Our Auto Shutdown 2022 Crack would tell your computer to close down after a specified amount of time. After the set amount of time has passed, or if the Auto Shutdown For Windows 10 Crack window is closed, your computer will shut down.

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Virus Free | Safe | Works on all systems | Auto Shutdown is a great tool to ensure that your computer is shut down even when it is not working in order to save energy and avoid data loss.
It is easy to use and save the most up-to-date schedules to ensure that your computer will shut down completely when the time is due.

Automatic Down:
This option tells the application to shut down your computer after a specified number of minutes. This number can be increased in case the computer is inactive for an extended period.

Power Down:
Selecting this option will enable the application to tell your computer to shut down after a specific number of hours.

Shut Down:
Selecting this option will enable the application to tell your computer to shut down after a specific number of seconds.

How it works

The application uses a standard Windows Scheduler to save and restore the application’s settings. Auto Shutdown will update the settings by downloading the latest schedules to your system.

All times are based on local time and are not time zones.


If you have any feedback regarding this software you want to share with us then tell us by leaving a comment below or filling up a feedback form on our website.
You can also send an e-mail to

Last comments from: c4l0ndi14 (AutoShutdown)

Thursday, 01 May 2009 02:36

Automated shutdown. Excellent program to turn off your computer automatically after a given amount of time. However, I noticed a bug where it does not restart if you end up with an error and auto shutdown is set for restarting.

Wednesday, 21 March 2009 07:18

Cool program, however after installing on my Windows 2000 PC, the program would not run. Not sure why. I did not get any notice from the about box. After running with the “run as administrator” option, I ran into problems with clicking links in IE. But otherwise, I am very satisfied with the program.

Tuesday, 18 November 2010 00:04

Automated shutdown. Very useful program to turn off

Auto Shutdown 10.4.2 [32|64bit]

When you choose to end your productive day on a high note, you might want to simply let your computer shut itself off in the middle of work. PhoneVerter can give you an opportunity to do that easily.
The application gives you a word list and a function menu which you can use to quickly transform the letters of any word into any number you want. For example, when entering a phone number, you could input 02-123-4567, and the application will detect the word and generate the correct number for you.
It also has a built-in reminder that reminds you when it’s time to make the phone call. The benefit of this feature is that you won’t miss your important business calls as it works continuously even you forgot to close the app.
Some of the options on PhoneVerter can also be adjusted when you are on the go with an internet connection. If you’re traveling in a foreign country, you’ll be able to translate phone numbers into the correct language.
Keyboard shortcuts, instructions, and other features
Open the PhoneVerter app, and you’ll see a set of options for changing your settings. In the bottom left corner, you’ll notice an icon with a globe and a number sign. Click on this and you’ll be taken to a page with the options available to you for using PhoneVerter.
The PhoneVerter app has two window styles: a tall one and a compact one. You can switch the style with a single click from the main window.
The application also has a table of words and numbers for you to choose from. When you are creating a new PhoneVerter word, you can add a phone number automatically and use it as the word. If you want to add a number, search for the phone number in the call list and select it.
As you can see, PhoneVerter is a handy tool that lets you transform phone numbers into real numbers for you to quickly dial.
Keyboard shortcuts are easy to use with PhoneVerter. If you press an underscore key, it will automatically go to the next letter in the word list. If you press your arrow keys, it will go to the next letter in the list.
You can also use the del key to delete letters. The delete symbol is a backward apostrophe.
If you press the space bar, it will go to the next number list. You can also use the tab key to navigate between them.
You can also use the Backspace

Auto Shutdown 10.4.2

This time you can rejoice because the main use of Endian32 is to convert files endian-wise. If you are interested in using this app to get to the endian-wise conversion you are out of luck as it has no such feature.
With this app, you can get the endian-type conversion that you were waiting for. So, what are you waiting for?

Description: This is a brand new app, so all codes, comments, feedbacks and suggestions are highly appreciated.
– Easily set shortcut keys, quickly switch tab
– Hold down the Ctrl key to remove all selected texts/tabs
– Insert image
– Insert code
– Insert links/url
– Insert code (javascript, html, vbscript,…)
– Insert table
– Insert list
– Insert division
– Insert label
– Insert text
– Insert hyperlink
– Insert page address
– Insert bullet list
– Insert paragraph
– Insert list item
– Insert dropdown list (used in IE8)
– Insert select list
– Insert checkbox
– Insert image (Image: Hold the CTRL key and click with your mouse in an image)
– Insert sound
– Insert table of data (columns: Place cursor at first column from right hand side and hold the CTRL key)
– Insert audio file (all common audio file formats)
– Insert video file (all common video file formats)
– Insert hyperlink (browsers) (the second click of mouse to open link)
– Insert track (as created by iTunes)
– Insert slide (as created by PowerPoint, Keynote)
– Insert word
– Insert cell
– Insert font (large font)
– Insert character (all known character)
– Insert emoticon
– Insert table of data (columns: Place cursor at first column from left hand side and hold the CTRL key)
– Insert image (all common image file formats)
– Insert text (Used by Hypernotes)
– Insert dropdown list (used in IE8)
– Insert text (Used by emacs)
– Insert area (Used by hypernotes, emacs)
– Insert color
– Insert bullet list
– Insert hyperlink (browsers) (the second click of mouse to open link)
– Insert video file (all common video file formats)
– Insert sound (All common audio file formats)
– Insert sound

What’s New In?

Freemake Auto Shutdown is a freeware utility that helps you put your computers to sleep, hibernate, lock and log off. It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2010.
The program supports various type of wake up button, when it comes to wake up your computer, you can use predefined. Automatically Shut Down (when available) or Add New Waking Method (With Custom Title).
The pre-defined settings work with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000 for the following buttons:
* Taskbar:
* Windows XP Button:
* Hotkeys:
* Brightness:
* LED status:
* Combinations of buttons:
* Shutdown:
* Hibernate:
You can create your own pre-defined or custom settings, you can:
* Set the keyboard shortcut.
* Set the hot key, shortcut key, time interval, time to wake up the computer.
* Set button logic.

The program can be used by beginners, and advanced users.
Freemake Auto Shutdown gives a great performance, and you will not be disappointed with the possibilities offered by this program. It can be also use as a powerful backup tool. You can schedule it to auto shutdown your computer, and simply press the button to wake it up.

LogiXor is a TCP/IP test tool for scanning your PC from the Internet for potential security holes. It does this by simulating all sorts of realistic situations, such as a virus attack, browser hijacking, web server degradation or a web server intrusion.

When you have LogiXor installed, you can choose an Internet server for testing from a list of public web servers. These are varied in speed, number of connections and available features. You can select a built-in file location for testing if you want to limit the range of possible attacks to a local network.
You must also specify the IP address of a target device, such as a printer, to test for potential connection problems with your device. Lastly, you must select the range of computers that you want to test. On the lower left-hand corner of the LogiXor interface, you can choose the starting and ending dates for your test and view the results, along with a map showing the distribution of the scanned PCs.
Whether you’re computer is safe or not, LogiXor can help you find out.

System Requirements For Auto Shutdown:

Windows 7, 8, or 10
OS X 10.6 or higher
800 MHz or faster processor
1 GB of RAM (2 GB is recommended)
12.0 GB of available hard drive space
512 MB video card (supporting OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX 10)
Broadband internet connection
Internet access
20 GB of space available for installing mods
Controls are for keyboard and gamepad (not included).
Left keyboard:
Right keyboard:
Left gamepad:

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