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Originally developed to replace the CA-DATCAD program, AutoCAD’s popularity grew steadily. Today it’s used to create many types of drawings, such as architectural plans and blueprints.


AutoCAD is an electronic design application that uses the concept of a layer stack for each drawing. Multiple layers are stacked on top of each other, forming a drawing.

Layers are independent entities. They can be of various types, such as objects, surfaces, dimensions, text, or others. The application automatically determines the type of layer. A layer can also contain one or more drawings. A drawing is like a sheet of paper, with objects, text, dimensions, and other things drawn in it.

Layers and drawings can be organized in a hierarchical structure, with more-specific layers and drawings appearing above more-generic ones. In this way, layers and drawings can be classified and arranged in a way that’s both understandable to humans and easy to update, modify, and organize.

Work is organized into a central Command window and a drawing area. The two main windows are divided into tabs that can be switched between. AutoCAD is a multi-window application.

When a layer is closed, it becomes a closed layer. It’s no longer editable or visible in the drawing area. Its objects are not immediately available for editing; however, objects added to a closed layer are available for editing the next time the layer is opened. You can make closed layers editable by making them active, or making them active and selecting them in the drawing area.

Objects on a layer can be placed in an editable state, so they can be moved, rotated, and changed in other ways. You can view, edit, and delete objects on a layer.

How AutoCAD works

AutoCAD is a powerful, complex program. When you start it, you’ll see many windows and toolbars, most of which are hidden by default.

Work is organized into a central Command window and a drawing area. The two main windows are divided into tabs that can be switched between. You can choose to work in a specific window or have it switched automatically, depending on your needs.

AutoCAD has a built-in Help system, which you can access from the Help menu. AutoCAD also comes with an online user manual, and information about AutoCAD on the Autodesk web site.


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There are also numerous plug-in and add-on applications created by AutoCAD users and resellers that can be used as replacements for standard AutoCAD applications, such as:

Architectural Core
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Electronics
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Steel
AutoCAD – Additive Manufacturing
AutoCAD – Core (ACAD – Core)
AutoCAD – Power – DG2
AutoCAD – Power – DWG (ACAD – Power DWG)
AutoCAD – Power – RPDWG (ACAD – Power RPDWG)
AutoCAD – Architecture
AutoCAD – Telecom
AutoCAD – Vertical Construction
AutoCAD – Electronic
AutoCAD – Energy
AutoCAD – Railway
AutoCAD – Concrete
AutoCAD – Text
AutoCAD – Architrace
AutoCAD – Real Estate
AutoCAD – Concrete and Masonry
AutoCAD – Fire Safety
AutoCAD – Pipes and Fittings
AutoCAD – HVAC and Refrigeration
AutoCAD – HVAC/Refrigeration 2.0
AutoCAD – HVAC/Refrigeration 3.0
AutoCAD – HVAC/Refrigeration 4.0
AutoCAD – Kitchen
AutoCAD – Total Solutions
AutoCAD – Valves and Fittings
AutoCAD – Electrical
AutoCAD – Lighting
AutoCAD – Water Management
AutoCAD – Green Building
AutoCAD – Wind
AutoCAD – Hospitality
AutoCAD – Exterior
AutoCAD – Fire Protection
AutoCAD – Oil and Gas
AutoCAD – Photomode
AutoCAD – VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
AutoCAD – VBA2 (Visual Basic for Applications 2)
AutoCAD – VBA3
AutoCAD – VISUAL LISP (Visual Lisp)

AutoCAD 20.1

Copy and save the keygen to your PC’s desktop and run the install.exe.

Run the autocad.exe file.
If you see the start-up screen, click on the Welcome to Autocad option, and enter your username and password.
Then you are ready to start using Autocad.
In case the system cannot start up due to a missing DLL, follow the links below to download the DLLs that will be required by Autocad.

If you see a message, “There was an error loading the page.
The page has been refreshed.”, click OK.

It can take between 1 minute and 20 minutes to start Autocad.

Running Autocad
After you start Autocad, you will see a Welcome to Autocad screen.

In this screen, you will see two main menus. The upper left menu will look like a P&P menu. You can start and stop a job, select paper size, switch from one user interface (UI) to another, manage settings and view toolbars. The upper right menu will look like a drawing tool menu. You can start a new drawing, open a drawing, navigate to a position in the drawing, and zoom or change the font, color, style, size, and other settings for drawing elements.

To start a new drawing, click the New button. To exit Autocad, click the X in the upper right corner of the Welcome to Autocad screen.

Drawing canvas
You will see a drawing canvas similar to the one below.

Drawing tools
You can see drawing tools under the drawing canvas on the left.

You can drag the anchors on the drawing canvas to position the drawing. Drag the anchor up or down to move it in the positive direction. Drag the anchor left or right to move it in the negative direction. Drag the anchor all the way out to the edge of the drawing canvas.

Caps and centers
You can use the grips and indicators to scale, rotate, and move the drawing elements.

Working with constraints
You can place constraints on the drawing canvas. Constraints can be edited. You can modify their location, orientation, and color.

Project overview
You can see the preview of the drawing canvas at the bottom of the screen.

Rotate and flip
You can see the 3D rotate tool under the

What’s New In?

* New* Markup Import: Use the Import command to import data from paper drawings or 3D CAD files. The imported data can be added as a new drawing, automatically generating custom drawing geometry from your imported data. For more information, please visit our Markup Import documentation.

Create and edit your own custom markup objects with the AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 drawing tools.

“New” Markup objects:

* New: Label objects can be created as symbols.

* New: Geometric items can be given properties and assigned to a tool.

* New: Labels can be given values, such as text, type, color, or style.

Markup Assist:

* New: Use the Markup Assist command to access information in your designs without using a command. Use the new Markup Menu command to access information without using a menu item.

* New: Directly import layers from Adobe Photoshop.

* New: Import many types of metadata from PDF and other files.

* New: Automatically resize your PDFs based on the width of the page.

* New: A new tree control that works like a notebook and allows you to open, print, copy, and paste files.

* New: Convert drawings with too many layers into drawings with one or more active layers.

* New: Automatically convert PDF drawings that use only objects from earlier drafts into new PDFs or other formats.

* New: An automated workflow for generating PDFs from drawings.

* New: Leverage the ability of PDF technology to present annotation and other metadata, such as the date a PDF was created, to simplify editing.

* New: Export and import annotation directly between Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD.

* New: Annotation can be modified in AutoCAD or exported to Adobe Illustrator.

* New: The notation manager now allows you to use the new notation extensions.

* New: Connect to external SCAD server.

* New: New and enhanced CAD commands, many of which enhance AutoCAD’s native functionality.

* New: Create visual aids to help you visualize and understand drawing relationships.

General and Interface Changes:

A new “Hold” menu item in the options bar allows you to automatically close or hide the user interface when you exit the application.

New Edit options are available

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790, i5-4590
Memory: 8 GB
OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit only)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 21 GB available space
Sound Card: Compatible sound card with 5.1 surround-speakers
Additional Notes:

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