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With the Autodesk 360 subscription model, AutoCAD Free Download has become popular for engineers to create and edit 2D and 3D models of a building, mechanical or electrical project. It’s also used by landscape architects, interior designers, and civil and structural engineers. The software’s many capabilities include:

2D drafting, plotting, and tracking

, plotting, and tracking 3D modeling, including buildings, ships, and other three-dimensional models

, including buildings, ships, and other three-dimensional models 2D and 3D measurement, illustration, and plotting

Over the last twenty years, AutoCAD Crack Keygen has expanded its capabilities. Today, AutoCAD can be used for:

2D and 3D drawing and annotation

and annotation 2D and 3D drafting, plotting, and tracking

, plotting, and tracking 2D and 3D engineering, including building models

Using AutoCAD on a PC or Mac

AutoCAD is available in two forms: a traditional desktop application, and a web and mobile application. Although AutoCAD is primarily a desktop application, you can use it on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. All of the features described in this article are available in both desktop and mobile versions.

The main difference between AutoCAD desktop and web versions is that web and mobile versions support 3D drawing and editing. AutoCAD Desktop, on the other hand, supports 2D drawing and editing only.

If you’re new to AutoCAD, here’s a quick video tutorial that will get you up and running.

AutoCAD on a desktop

To open AutoCAD on a desktop, launch the application from your program or OS launcher, or from the Dock in Macs. You can also search for AutoCAD on your computer.

From the main screen, press the tab key and start entering commands.

One of the key features in AutoCAD is the ability to track drawings as you edit them. In AutoCAD, you can create a temporary track that will identify objects you want to draw. You can then move the objects by changing their position on the page, without the need to reposition them as you draw them. You can then use the drawing’s temporary track to move your objects as you work on them. For example, you might put a picture of a building on the drawing’s temporary track, then move the building around, and finally draw the building


Modelling languages
AutoCAD supports vector-based modelling languages. These languages are used to construct non-graphical representations of 3D models. Non-graphical representations, also known as virtual representations, are also used to construct 2D drawings.

Vector modelling languages are compatible with each other. In addition, most of these languages, except for VectorWorks’s VectorWorks┬« VDX, are supported for use in AutoCAD LT.

Vector-based modelling languages are a cross-platform development environment, with code-sharing provided by the respective programming languages.

AutoCAD models are compatible with the following vector-based languages:
Adobe Illustrator’s AI, PostScript, PDF and SVG output formats
Autodesk Inventor’s IGES, DWG and DXF formats
Autodesk 3DS Max’s OBJ, MTL and X files
AutoCAD Electrical’s ACADML, DCADML and STEP files
DXF-based format (X_Data format), including DXF, DXF-RT, DXF-RTL, DXF-EET, and DXF-PPT
VectorWorks VDX

For the development of these languages, there are several options:
Compile the source code to the target language’s runtime (also known as Runtime Compilation)
Use a code editor

VectorWorks VDX is a vector-based modeling language. It is used for creating non-graphical representations of 3D models.

VectorWorks VDX can be used for 3D modelling in AutoCAD, besides creating 2D drawings.

Since 2010, AutoCAD LT supports AutoCAD DWG/DXF converter files in DWG format.

AutoCAD applications support many other modelling languages:

Android Studio’s Android NDK
Blender’s modo and Redshift’s Sandbox
BRL-CAD’s C++-based format
CADalyst’s Delmia
CADalyst’s Delmia for AutoCAD
CAG Visualizer, a Java-based format
ConverterXml, a programming language for the.NET Framework
Drakula Language, C++-based language
DCADML, a language for representing non-graphical models in 2D
EON3D, an Autodesk Forge API and a scripting language
Geomagic’s CAD/CAM

AutoCAD Keygen For Windows

# Autocad.NET Framework license key detection
Check the generated license file, please input the key to unlock the program.


If it does not work, you may have to re-install the product and try again.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Exporting and Open Drawings:

The data model of a drawing can be exported to other drawing formats. Export drawings with the shareware version or export shareware drawings as legacy and automatically convert them to standard drawings.

Data Model:

Create projects, processes, and other workgroups. Create the necessary relationships between the different parts of your project. In your drawing, each new object contains the required information about the object.


The new Subproject palette shows you all the sub-project attributes and allows you to specify which subproject elements are shown. (video: 1:38 min.)

Multiple Contexts and Advanced Graphic Editing:

You can work with multiple contexts in your drawings at the same time. Also, you can make creative adjustments to the text and graphics in your drawings.

Find and Select Features:

Rapidly work with drawings or the contents of other files. Find and select parts of your drawing with a single click.

Geometry Extraction, Dimensional Extraction, Layers, and


The Geometry Extractor creates references to the geometry of your drawing. You can use the new Dimensional Extractor to find and extract dimensional information. You can use the Cursors tab to manage the different drawing areas and the Viewports palette to place your drawing views in front of other drawings.

Block Selection:

With the Block Selection palette, you can select the different blocks you want to work with.

Printing and Publishing:

Insert a predefined print command from the toolbar, or combine multiple print commands into one. Print labels and envelopes with your drawings. Export your drawings to PDF or E-mail your drawings. You can also make presentations of your drawings. The new Web Publish Wizard simplifies creating and publishing web pages for your drawings.


In AutoCAD 2023, you can quickly zoom into different drawing areas with a single mouse click.

Table and Text formatting:

You can quickly insert tables or create text attributes. Quickly highlight text, tables, and graphics.


You can work with links in the drawing as if they were hyperlinks in other documents. A link changes the link target when you move your mouse over it.

3D Modeling:

The new 3D Modeling palette supports

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported OS: Windows 7 or higher
Standalone (no download or installation necessary)
Desktop Applications
Subscription Applications
MacOS, Linux or Windows IoT (Device emulator, different than other systems)
Supported Language(s): French, English
Recommended Experience Level: Android, iOS
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Requires Android device; iPhone is not supported. The application must be installed on an Android device. You can purchase a Google Play account for a

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