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AutoCAD is used by professionals for industrial design, architecture, drafting and related purposes. Its capability is one of the best, if not the best, among all desktop CAD software. For its ease of use and simplicity, AutoCAD is used by people, regardless of their expertise level, to design and modify all types of objects, from a simple 2D floor plan, to a highly sophisticated 3D model.

AutoCAD has two modes: 2D drafting and 3D modeling. 2D drafting is best for creating floor plans and associated architectural drawings. On the other hand, 3D modeling is best for creating models of anything that can be viewed from multiple angles. You can create your floor plan or project in AutoCAD 2D or 3D, and import it to a 3D Modeling software. In fact, most CAD software allows you to import the 2D or 3D drawing to the native 3D modeling program.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a suite of programs and a database that enable you to draw, edit and manipulate 2D and 3D objects. Whether your project involves 2D or 3D drawing, working in AutoCAD is easy and intuitive. Just open the program, type a few command lines, and you are done.

AutoCAD includes a set of application programs that form a complete and integrated workstation. The program is designed to work in a browser, so you can work with it directly from your computer, without needing to install it on your computer. You can have the browser-based version or the standard, stand-alone install. When you are ready to stop working, just quit the AutoCAD program. If you want to resume working, the program will start automatically when you return. You can also start AutoCAD by running a small AutoCAD application program.

AutoCAD is also a complete 2D/3D CAD software package, including 3D modeling, 2D drafting, and 2D/3D plotting and presentation. With the 2D modeling feature, you can model any 3D surface, including most geometric solids, and create 2D drawings. AutoCAD is also the only CAD software that provides basic 2D tools, such as line, arc, ellipse, and polyline. AutoCAD has many options that enable you to modify shapes and handles, including the ability to define various styles, colors, line weights, and

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AutoCAD also has non-Microsoft scripting languages. They are based on an OpenSCAD (“Open Software Foundation for Computer Aided Drafting”) language, and have been in development since 1998. This included the first support for Python.

AutoCAD is available in three versions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD WS, and AutoCAD R2020. AutoCAD LT is an easy-to-use, low cost CAD program for beginners and small businesses, and is targeted at drafting-centric users such as architects, interior designers and drafters. AutoCAD WS is a web-based software suite, with an optional 3D modeling component, which offers users a low-cost alternative to CAD applications. AutoCAD R2020 is the professional version of AutoCAD, which was released on August 17, 2009.


AutoCAD LT is available in three editions: Academic LT, Business LT and Architectural LT. AutoCAD LT was initially licensed through a Software Assurance Program (SAP). Autodesk stopped offering licensing through the SAP on September 1, 2010 and now provides a direct download or set-up-online, set-up-once option for its new licensees. AutoCAD LT can be used for single user or multi-user environments.

AutoCAD LT also provides the ability to install modules (add-on programs) to extend the functionality of the software, as well as a Web Services API (the API is the set of rules and specifications for building web-based applications and services) for integration with the Internet.

AutoCAD LT LT (lowercase LT) is a single-user/home-use license, and provides access to all features of AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD LT LT (lowercase LT) is a multi-user/home-use license, and enables users to create and edit one or more files at the same time.

AutoCAD LT LT (lowercase LT) is a multi-user/home-use license, and enables users to share access to CAD data for multiple users.

AutoCAD LT LT (lowercase LT) is a multi-user/home-use license, and enables users to share access to CAD data for multiple users.

AutoCAD LT LT (lowercase LT) is a multi-user/home-use license, and enables users to share access to CAD data for multiple

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Go to Settings>Setup>License manager and download ‘CreoCEBundle’

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Use the AutoCAD Markup Assist to create customized tools or steps for parts of a drawing. Use them as if they were custom macros, without drawing or programming. Export them to your spreadsheet or other tool for follow-up. (video: 8:45 min.)

Included in AutoCAD LT 2020 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2020, AutoCAD 2023 adds the ability to import and edit images in a non-linear way.

AutoCAD LT 2023 adds two new templates:

Constraint and Geometry Constraint. Exact, automatic placement and alignment of parts to the grid, when working in draft or other non-drawing editing modes. (videos: 12:50 min.)

Geometry Constraint. Exact, automatic placement and alignment of parts to the grid, when working in drawing editing modes. (video: 1:05 min.)

Both are available for free on new hardware and software installations.

For a free trial:

Download the latest software and the user manual here

Here are more details on the AutoCAD 2023 templates and their current release dates:

(Microsoft English version)

Constraint and Geometry Constraint:

New templates for AutoCAD LT 2020 and AutoCAD LT for Mac 2020.

New in AutoCAD LT 2023.

(Microsoft English version)

Exact, automatic placement and alignment of parts to the grid, when working in draft or other non-drawing editing modes.

(Microsoft English version)

For project-level drawing. Use it in following situations:

Drawing a part in its own context (like an assembly drawing)

Positioning a part in a drawing (like a car part)

Using a large model in a small drawing (like a foot for a shoe)

Aligning a part to the grid

Eliminate constraint-related error messages

(Microsoft English version)

Two easy-to-use templates for exact, automatic placement and alignment of parts to the grid. Use them in non-drawing editing modes like:

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Favorites: Markup Import and Markup Assist:

I love the markup feature. It lets me work efficiently with the

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