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A drawing on paper (not digital) would take a long time to complete. But, with AutoCAD, your drawings can be completed in minutes. Not only does it allow you to create drawings with precision, it also allows you to create any kind of drawing with ease.

The software also has a library of symbols and text that you can use in your drawings.

You can easily create geometry and generate 3D drawings.

Also, you can make simple 2D drawings easily.

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AutoCAD is a very popular software. It has been in use since 1985. It is being used in many industry like Architecture, Architecture, AutoCAD, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, and many more.

It is a very simple drawing software that is designed to be very easy to use. The interface is simple, and it also has a very intuitive design.

It also has many drawing templates and the ones provided are very handy.

It is very easy to add arrows, dimensions, and some other features.

Features Of AutoCAD 2019

The features of this software include:


A simple drawing program. The basic functionality of this drawing program is very limited. You can only create shapes and drawings. You cannot make a 2D drawing, create text or images.

You can even make 2D drawings by using a paper and pencil.


You can easily make complex drawings by using this software.

You can also make complex drawings by using several drawing templates.

You can easily add text and images to your drawings.


The software has a very organized structure.

All types of data can be saved in the database.

Different options like default

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Programming language

AutoCAD can be used to create programming languages. The best known are AutoLISP and Visual LISP. Visual LISP is an extension to Visual Basic for AutoCAD developed by Solid Software, a subsidiary of Autodesk. Solid Software was a subsidiary of IntelliCorp. Visual LISP includes the same basic constructs as Visual Basic, but uses special lisp-like syntax instead of Visual Basic’s BASIC-like syntax. AutoCAD also supports VBA and.NET, which provide similar features as Visual LISP, but are significantly less powerful, less feature-rich, and much slower to code. VBA is based on Visual Basic, and.NET is based on the Microsoft.NET Framework.

AutoLISP is a programming language for AutoCAD developed by Solid Software. AutoLISP extends AutoCAD’s core functionality to include forms, the basic building block of AutoCAD applications. One of the advantages of using AutoLISP for applications is that it provides the user with a familiar interface.

In addition to these main programming languages, AutoCAD has a library called ObjectARX, which is based on C++. It is available to all AutoCAD products. ObjectARX is a small, fast, reusable class library of over a thousand classes. This class library is used for a number of AutoCAD products.

Extensions and add-ons

Several other extensions and add-ons are available for AutoCAD. On-line help files are available to AutoCAD customers. The design of AutoCAD is very flexible, so there are many extensions available to extend the functionality of AutoCAD.

A number of these add-ons are available via the AutoCAD Exchange Applications site.


AutoCAD 2015 is available on a perpetual software license. In addition to the license, AutoCAD Subscription costs US$90/year. In 2016 AutoCAD subscription costs will change to US$85/year. AutoCAD Student versions are available, which are free for students.

Reception and impact

See also


Further reading

Barrie Basden. The Autodesk Maya Book. John Wiley & Sons, 2004.
Mark Hatch. The Autodesk Maya Book. John Wiley & Sons, 2005.
Thomas Vander Stichele. The Autodesk 3D


Open Autodesk Application > AutoCAD as an administrator
Go to File > New from template
Go to the Download/Browse tab and select the file you downloaded in Step 3
Click on Import
Import the template and you are done.

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What’s New in the?

You can now use Import Markup to import all of the style and color changes from a design paper or PDF into your drawing. The new Import Markup utility offers specific support for revisions. You can see when a change has been previously imported, and the Revisions interface lets you organize the update so you can refer back to previous changes.

You can also use the Revisions interface to define comments and highlights. You can even take screenshots or print out your comments for presentation purposes. The updated Revisions interface includes a Recent list that lets you easily keep track of which changes you have made in the past.

The Revisions interface is no longer available in the Drawing or Annotations tabs.

3D Plot Viewer:

3D plots can be used for various purposes, including presentations and visualizations. AutoCAD offers the ability to create and edit plots. You can also export plot data as.rtf or.kml files that can be opened in other applications such as Google Earth or in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

3D plots are now integrated with the Revision interface. You can export revisions as part of a 3D plot. The plot includes the ability to measure lengths in 3D space or determine engineering properties of the model. You can even select 3D lines or surfaces and apply measurements to the plot.

These plot options and features are available in the Plot Toolbar.


As you use the Explorer toolbar, you can access common commands in the toolbox that help you navigate the model. You can also change your display settings from the Explorer settings.

The Explorer settings dialog now includes a 3D Mode setting. In this mode, you can switch between the regular AutoCAD 2D drawing mode and 3D drawing mode.

The Explorer settings dialog also includes a revised table of contents feature that lists all of the toolbars and menus.

Active Info:

View multiple attributes on the same object in a single command. Now, when you select one attribute in an object in a drawing, other attributes become available.

For example, in a complex drawing, you can select an edge and view color, dimension, material, and path attributes.

Edge detail features are now available in the Active Info dialog box.

You can now import alternate text directly from the new Office Open XML Paper and Layout standard.

New Commands:


System Requirements:

Supported USB Ports:
– 1 USB 3.0 Port
– 1 USB 2.0 Port
– 1 SD card reader
– 1 USB type-C Port
– 1 HDMI Port
Minimum Recommended RAM:
– 8GB
Minimum Recommended OS:
– Windows 10
Minimum Recommended Processor:
– Intel Core i5
– Intel Core i3
Minimum Recommended Graphics Card:

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