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How do I use a Java class with another Java class?

In my big java project, there are two classes. Class A is the main class, and Class B is just some simple code that class A uses to work. I need to get the data from Class B into the main class.
How would I do this?
I thought I could just put Class B’s class variables and methods into A, and I could call them from the main class, but I get an error when I do that.


If your main class (class A) needs to use the functionality of class B, then your main class should use class B.
Alternatively, it may be possible for your main class to load the class B functionality at runtime, but this is generally a bad idea.


One way is to pass the object from A to B. Something like the following:
public interface WrapperA
public WrapperB getB();

public interface WrapperB
public void doSomething();

public class A implements WrapperA
private WrapperB b = new WrapperB();

public WrapperB getB()
return b;

public class B implements WrapperB
public void doSomething()
System.out.println(“Hello World!”);

Then use the class A like you normally would. If you need to call the doSomething method on B when it is in A, you need to use the WrapperB when you call getB.


How to make a button respond to a change of a select element inside the same parent?

My page currently looks like this:




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