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The latest version is AutoCAD 2015 and it is currently available for the desktop and as a web app. The mobile version was discontinued in 2016.



Mountain Lion, OS X 10.8 and later.

DraftSight is the native CAD application for AutoCAD on Linux. It can be installed alongside other CAD applications and is available for the following Linux distributions:




Arch Linux







Solaris 10 and later.

Google’s Android

AutoCAD Mobile is a mobile version of AutoCAD available for Android devices.

AutoCAD Classic (beta)

Download AutoCAD Classic for the Windows 7 operating system.

AutoCAD Open Source

Autodesk AutoCAD Open Source is a version of AutoCAD available for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

Apple iWork

Apple iWork is a set of applications developed by Apple Inc. for the iOS operating system.

AutoCAD Graphics

AutoCAD Graphics is a set of tools used for creating graphics in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Viewer

AutoCAD Viewer is a free open-source viewer for AutoCAD files available for the Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

AutoCAD Tips & Tricks

This page contains tips and tricks for using AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Help

AutoCAD Help is a set of help files for AutoCAD.

Autodesk Exchange

Download Help files from Autodesk Exchange.

Autodesk Knowledge Base

Autodesk Knowledge Base has AutoCAD content.

User Help

User Help has information about using AutoCAD.


AutoCAD FAQ is a section of User Help with answers to frequently asked questions about AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Macros

AutoCAD Macros is a special AutoCAD feature available for the Mac platform.

User Comments

Leave a comment about AutoCAD.

Report Bugs

Report bugs and make suggestions for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Wiki

AutoCAD Wiki contains information about AutoC

AutoCAD Crack

Document objects


AutoCAD 10 for architects, logicians and engineers is available at Autodesk Online Store

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AutoCADSale of Unidad Popular headquarters secured

On the 17th of March, the building that houses the headquarters of the Marxist Unidad Popular social movement in Las Palmas was sold to a private investor. The property, previously owned by the Town Hall, is located in the center of the island. The sale was due to the impending repossession of the property, with a final date of September 10, 2009.

Unlike the Estructura, one of the organization’s headquarters (in Colón) which is owned by a group of private citizens, the movement’s headquarters in Las Palmas are still in the hands of the Mayor’s office.

At the moment, the fate of the Estructura is still undecided. In any case, the group intends to continue using the space. The announcement of the sale was made by the movement through a press release.

The sale

The property is a commercial building located in the center of Las Palmas, in which the movement has had its headquarters since 1986. Prior to this, it was located in the San Cristóbal neighborhood. Its main entrance, in the Gran Vía de Colón, is highly visible in the Las Palmas urban fabric.

The buyer is a small business known as “Empresa Vendeletécnica”. The sale of the building was to the Nuevo Amistad de Próximos Socorros (New Alliance for Bail-out For Next-door Assistance) subsidiary of the social movement.

The final price of the building was 2.19 million euros ($2.56 million) and all fees involved were paid in cash. At the time of the sale, the organization valued the property at 2.6 million euros ($2.95 million).

The building

The building has three levels. On the first floor there is the entrance, facing the Gran Vía de Colón. From here one has access to the reception and conference room. On the upper floors, there


Start Autocad and open your model.

Press F1 or Ctrl-B and start your keygen (for example, press
Ctrl-B and then Enter or F1 and then Enter to select and copy the keygen).

Copying the keygen
Paste the keygen to Autocad.

Save and close Autocad.

Close your keygen.

Click once the keygen.

Close the keygen.

Enter the license key.

Autocad fails to start with Windows 10
Autocad can’t start with Windows 10 and the reason is that a global policy for Windows 10 disables using a UWP for the Autocad.
After the patch by Autodesk the policy is removed and Autocad can be use again in Windows 10.

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How can I make users unable to see unanswered questions?

I have seen that many users (10 at least) do not search for a certain question before asking it. This of course means that they will ask any question and give it a bounty.
Is there any way to make users unable to see unanswered questions?


If they are really desperate for that question answered then they can click the “Unanswered Questions” link and there are a lot of people there who will answer.
You can also add a bounty if you want to.
If they really insist on not seeing the unanswered question they can go to their profile and go to the “unanswered” tab.


You can also add a bounty to the question, after you’ve answered it, in the same way that you would do for a question that’s already answered.
Of course, this requires you to have enough reputation.
To answer the question, your reputation on the question needs to be at least 50 (or +10 for the bounty), and to answer another user’s question, it needs to be at least 100 (or +20 for the bounty). As other answers have mentioned, you can also find many questions that have a bounty on them at

What’s New in the?

Drafts show dimensions. After you draw a line, AutoCAD automatically shows dimensions to help you check the accuracy of the line.

Draw new freehand lines. Draw freehand lines like you do in Word or PowerPoint. (video: 3:00 min.)

Perform more interactive modeling and presentation with new Undo features. Apply a stroke to a line or shape. Erase a line. Undo a last action, like the last change or last mouse movement.

Extend the on-screen drawing to the web, to collaborate more easily with others. (video: 1:23 min.)

Customize the ribbon. Click the My Defaults tab to see a list of customizations that you can make to the ribbon. (video: 3:30 min.)

Features for making models, presentations, and drawings:

Lines and geometric objects can be linked to create working drawings. See a connected drawing on the screen, even when another copy of the drawing is open.

Bring together different parts of your model in one drawing. When you select the parts, the entire model appears on the screen.

Perform interactive simulations. See how other models would react in a collision, or how a bolt would affect other parts in a model. (video: 1:03 min.)

Eliminate the need to create separate copies of your drawings when you make multiple edits. Your edits appear all at once in one drawing.

A model’s geometry can be dynamic. When you view the geometry, you see how the model would change if you moved the parts or if you changed the model’s scale.

Use material-dependent shading. Create a model with shaded faces. Specify a base color for each face. Apply that base color to every part of the model, automatically changing to the specified color as the base color changes.

Simplify modeling with linked points. Create a curve by moving the end points of a line segment.

Add extra dimension to your drawings with tag objects. Tag objects add extra dimensions to your drawings. You can adjust a tag in a drawing and change how you see it on the screen. (video: 2:40 min.)

Now you can create designs from 2D drawings. Convert your 2D drawings to 3D models. Import, edit, and view the designs in 3D.

Add AutoC

System Requirements:

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, Chrome 9, Safari 4, Opera 10
CPU: Intel or AMD processor with SSE2 or MMX technology
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 5 GB free space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150, ATI Radeon X1600 or equivalent
Networking: Broadband internet connection
Recommended: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
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