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The Facebook social network is launching a program to encourage creative content lovers: users will receive likes, comments and other bonuses for creative posts on the social network. At the same time, it is not enough just to publish an interesting entry – it should cause a wave of emotions.
Splash Damage has new and very useful additions that will help brighten up the life of game haters: now you can create comics featuring Farmville. Like all third-party projects, the game has retained the official Russian language, but now a new opportunity has been introduced – to publish comics directly on a social network.
The American company Bethesda has announced that it is working on a Fallout 4 shooter from Bethesdad Studios. The game, subtitled Overwatch, will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One this fall.
Rovio has become the official distributor in Russia of the long-awaited horror action game Angry Birds from Rovios. As you know, recently the studio decided to focus on the mobile industry, and now there are several projects for smartphones and tablets. However, with the release of AngryBirds. Beatrice and AngryVille, it seemed that the company was completely ceasing work on the visual component of the action. That is why Rovii has the opportunity to create an application that allows you to carry out a full and complete work in Angrybirds.
French cult designer Bernard Frick, in an interview with French Vogue, talked about how to work with key themes – after all, these are some of the most popular topics in contemporary art.
The Crazeño Business Guide portal has published a selection of games that are no longer able to cope with the avalanche of new users and that will soon leave the gaming space. All of these games no longer support large multiplayer, can be easily hacked or added to the game’s archive, which has led to new spoilers and rebuttals in RSG.
April has been a mixed month for the gaming industry. Crauseacademy editor Simon Thompson said that the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Dead Island turned into a passing business project and became the first major



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