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BitRaser For File Crack [Mac/Win]

Erase files, folders and drives. Completely!
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Convenience. Fast and easy.
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BitRaser for File is the best file shredder software for Windows, which can remove all the leftovers from your computer in just a click. It is free to download and easy to use. Its advanced shredding algorithms will allow you to completely and securely erase files, folders, drives and activity traces from your computer.

Over the past years BitRaser for File became a reference for many people that are facing serious privacy concerns. It has now got new features, that broaden the application’s functionality even further and make it the right tool for securely deleting files, folders and drives.On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) criticized the recent moves by the executive branch to increase spending by more than $120 billion. He detailed why the health care bill is “not about reducing the cost of health care.”

Coburn addressed GOP senate leadership’s failure to include a provision in the health care bill to increase funding for SCHIP, explaining, “[T]he reason for that is nobody really knows how many people are going to be on Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, how much money they’re going to cost.” He said the number of people currently on Medicaid is “3.2 million. It’s 2.2 million people eligible for a subsidy. They don’t know how many they’re going to get.” He said he is “not talking about how many people are going to use the subsidies” and “not talking about how many are going to use private plans.”

Coburn went on to say, “[I]f you go to 4.1 million, you’ve got … 7 million, right? Over time, you’ve got 10 to 15 million people. That just, I think, is not something the president can come out and, ‘Hey, let’s get it done for kids’ or whatever it is

BitRaser For File Crack

– Erase files and folders while you schedule when to perform the operation.
– Erase files and folders in several ways – overwrite with zeroes, randomly, or with randomly generated numbers.
– Define on which drive or disk to wipe files and folders.
– Has some good features that you can use in your day to day activities and also make you more secure.

Not recommended.

Tried it, it worked for awhile, then stopped working. The app is very long in trying to erase “crap” that I don’t need. Yet, it never manages to delete some files that have been there since before I had the app.

BitRaser for File is the best and most effective application to delete files and folders. A combination of microsoft pattern logic and complex mathematical algorithms that renders any “recovery expert” powerless

Shred files, folders and drives

BitRaser for File is a utility to permanently delete files and folders stored on your computer. It has capabilities to shred files and folders and completely wipe them. Using pre-defined or user-defined rules, this application can shred all kinds of files and folders such as documents, music, videos, chat logs, pictures, email etc.

User reviews of BitRaser for File


By Andres A

Please don’t delete your C: or D: drive to prevent recovery.



By Julit

Doesn’t work, must be updated, don’t delete the C: and D: drives.




Very simple to use. A nice feature is you can set the timer for it when you want to have it done.



By jowensky

Simple and effective tool to delete whatever you don’t want on your computer.



By oblib

Very good wipe

What a great program


By Sam Smith

Works great and does what it says it does.



By Lorenz M

The program’s timing functions were easy to use and effective.

Gutmann algorithm


By mercer4355

This is the algorithm they use to wipe a drive. I have an organization that wipes drives with this algorithm. Great product.


BitRaser For File Crack With Serial Key

– shred files, folders and drives
– delete files, folders, activity traces and drives
– wipe data and activity traces


A powerful file shredding software, which can shred files and folders and remove them permanently in a few clicks. Also supports PDF files and portable devices (SD cards, USB flash drives etc). Both compressed and uncompressed files, even if they are encrypted or if the password is encrypted.

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File Shredder

Nov 12, 2015

by gadax

File Shredder is very useful and as a security measure is recommended. I would have no complaints. Save your computer data from various types of threats.UC Genome Browser

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What’s New In?

• Securely erase sensitive files
• Erase files by shredding them
• Erase all traces from your hard disk
• Erase folders
• Create erasure lists
• Securely delete sensitive files with multiple settings
• Automatic custom schedules
• Set a time to wipe files and folders
• Select files and folders to wipe
• Erase activities
• All files, folders, activity traces and other activities
• Erase files, folders and activity traces – all settings in one click
• Simplified management and secure usage
• Erase all, shred, write zeroes, random, Russian standard, US Air forceQ:

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System Requirements For BitRaser For File:

* Base system and OS requirements can be found in the Installation chapter.
* The minimum system requirements are:
-Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.2GHz
-Ram: 128MB
-Hard Disk: 20GB
-Graphics: “ATI 9600 XT”
* The recommended system requirements are:
-Processor: Pentium 4 2.8GHz
-Ram: 512MB
-Graphics: “ATI 8500 GT” or “GeForce FX

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