If you're a cryptocurrency aficionado, then you've surely heard of BitShares, a blockchain-based, decentralized, and scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform.
The advantages of BitShares are many, starting with the fact that it uses SmartCoins and, thus, providing all the benefits of cryptocurrency but with a higher degree of stability, and allowing users to trade cryptocurrency for fiat (official) currency without leaving the blockchain environment.
If you're already sold, so to speak, you might be interested in giving the platform's client/GUI a shot. Sporting the same name as the platform it represents, BitShares is a powerful and lightweight, cross-platform app (available for Windows, macOS, and Linux) that allows you to connect to the platforms API directly from your computer's desktop.
Try BitShares through this nifty GUI
If you have ever used BitShares on your browser, then you will notice that this desktop version doesn't bring any extra features apart from the convenience of allowing you to get the job done without requiring a browser. As expected, you can access the app's two main sections, Exchange and Explore, without necessarily having to log in.
Within the app's main menu, you are provided with the option of adding new contacts, as well as depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency. You'll notice other interesting sections such as Voting, Assets, Signed Messages, and Membership stats. The Settings section is the place where you'll be probably spending the least amount of time, however, it's worth noting that you can change the preferred unit of account, the language, add, restore or import wallets, and choose between 23 nodes.
Fast, scalable, and powerful decentralized exchange, now from your computer's desktop
All in all, BitShares will probably catch even more attention in the following period as it might help next-gen entrepreneurs and investors move to BTS-based coins since most other popular cryptocurrency platforms can't yet cope with all the demand.
It also has one of the most powerful UIs out there (especially when compared to most mainstream cryptocurrencies) and now, you can benefit from everything it has to offer without having to stack up one extra tab in your browser.







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BitShares Full Crack is a self-amending blockchain-based ecosystem that focuses on the creation of applications for real-life use.
BitShares is an open source, customizable, and reliable blockchain-based platform that allows users to build decentralized applications (DApps).
The BitShares platform allows users to issue currencies that are mutually exchangeable, and that can be converted to other currencies on the BitShares network.
BitShares supports smart assets, which includes currencies, commodities, and stocks.
BitShares is the first open source, self-amending, and PoS blockchain.
BitShares’ miners are specially called Shareholders, and they are the ones who distribute currency to users who need it.
BitShares allows users to pay for services, sell products, buy things, and fund new projects using the BitShares currency.
BitShares Issues its own currency called BTS.
BitShares self-destructs 2.5 years after its last major upgrade.
BitShares is a project founded by a team of developers from tech giants like Microsoft, Airbus, and Commerzbank.
BitShares has its own cloud-based wallet that is used by users to store their currency.
BitShares is based on an open source protocol called Nxt.
BitShares has a special rule that forces users to stick to their rules and create a safer and more inclusive environment.
BitShares partners with the Komodo project to provide developers with easy access to their technology.
BitShares’ currency is called BTS, which is based on NXT.
BitShares runs on a decentralized network that consists of nodes called Shareholders.
The BitShares Explorer allows users to connect to the blockchain and use BTS or other cryptocurrencies.

✅ BitShares Self-Amending Blockchain – BTS
✅ Built by a team of developers from tech giants like Microsoft, Airbus, and Commerzbank
✅ Go anywhere with the BitShares Decentralized Network
✅ Simple and easy to use
✅ Includes Nxt-based Decentralized Apps (DApps) – Exchange, Explorer, Voting, Assets, etc.
✅ Supports Smart Assets including ERC20-based currencies (NEO, ADA, TRON) and stocks (GOOG, AAPL)
✅ Self-destroys after 2.5 years
✅ Free to use
✅ The BitShares ecosystem is open source
✅ You own your own currency – BTS

BitShares [Updated]

In this video I’m sharing my thoughts about Steemit and BitShares Activation Code. I’m taking a look at if these two platforms are worth it for a blog or a Twitter page and if they will eventually become popular.
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01:05 DriveStream: A New Way to Invest using Cryptocurrencies
01:35 Homepage – Its Crypto Coins
02:53 Tips for Becoming a Pro
05:38 Steemit
06:47 BitShares
08:14 Is Steemit an Alternative to Twitter?
09:48 My Thoughts about Steemit
10:17 Steemit vs. BitShares
10:58 Why Should I Use BitShares?
12:37 Finally, a Decentralized Twitter
13:26 Should You Use BitShares on Twitter?
14:35 My Final Thoughts
16:35 Thank You for Watching


BitShares is a decentralized and community-based alternative to existing financial institutions.
Decentralized in the sense that it’s not controlled by a single entity, but maintained, administered, and funded by its users; and by community in the sense that it is operated and governed by an open consensus process on a decentralized network of peer nodes.
BitShares aims to offer the same capabilities as traditional banking and stock exchanges, but without a central point of failure.
Connect your bank account in just a few steps.
BitShares offers its users the opportunity to easily and securely connect their bank accounts.
This feature makes it possible for users to deposit, withdraw, and exchange cryptocurrency without the hassle of having to fill out and sign multiple forms.
#3 – Trade.io
Trade.io was designed with the intention of enabling users to take full advantage of the possibilities of blockchain technology.
With this aim in mind, they introduced the most powerful decentralized exchange on the market – which also happens to be fully protected against the risk of double spending.
Think of it like a virtual stock exchange where you decide what cryptocurrency to trade.
The possibilities are endless, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, because the only limits are your imagination.
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#4 – CoinTiger
CoinTiger is a rapidly growing, global, multi-cryptocurrency exchange.
Through its platform, users can trade cryptocurrency pairs, with no restrictions on time and place.
Within minutes, they can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, IOTA, Monero, and more!
The underlying technology is based on the Ethereum blockchain, hence it is one of the most flexible and high-performing exchanges on the market today.
All trades are stored in a tamper-proof account, where users can easily track them in their order book, withdraw funds, or close their account.
This is also a very secure platform, as it uses a range of techniques to protect users from hackers, money laundering, and fake accounts.
By using the platform, it is perfectly possible to withdraw funds, whether you are a beginner or a professional, as the minimum amount to withdraw is only 0.1$!
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What’s New in the?

BitShares is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that runs on the BitShares blockchain, a public permissionless blockchain network.
BitShares is capable of issuing, minting, transferring, owning, trading, and investing digital tokens (i.e., cryptocurrencies) with SmartCoins and fiat (official) currencies.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SmartCoins are issued by a DAO on the BitShares blockchain that issues SmartCoins in the form of a currency that can be sent and received by users and companies on the platform.
BitShares blockchain has been operating since 2008 and it is the biggest blockchain in terms of tokens in circulation
Features of BitShares
Features include:
Instant transactions
Asynchronous payments
Powerful Transactions
Predictable settlement
Bitcoin compatible with no hack
Open source
The BitShares blockchain is highly scalable with unlimited block size and parallel processing
It also has one of the most powerful UIs out there (especially when compared to most mainstream cryptocurrencies) and now, you can benefit from everything it has to offer without having to stack up one extra tab in your browser.
This essentially means you can use BitShares without any of the particular platform’s underlying technology, giving you a similar environment with all the benefits that come with cryptocurrency, such as privacy, decentralized control, and censorship resistance, and with none of the disadvantages (i.e., centralization, and system crashes).
You can really enjoy BitShares in a much more seamless and convenient way, moving from end to end without having to use a separate or third-party browser.
If you are looking for a platform that puts user experience first, then BitShares is the answer.
There are no charges for deposits, withdrawals, or trading on BitShares, as it is a completely free cryptocurrency exchange platform.
If you compare BitShares to other major cryptocurrencies, it actually provides better support, as its main priority is simply to be a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
The other benefits it provides are almost countless, including:
– With a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, security flaws and breaches are inevitable
– The need for a centralized exchange to act as an intermediary ensures that it will be subject to fees and regulation
– With centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, there’s a possibility of government censorship
For more information, visit:
BitShares Platform
BitShares (BTS) is a free, open source, peer

System Requirements For BitShares:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible with DirectX 9.0c with 256MB VRAM
Hard Disk: 512 MB
Additional Notes:
The required disk space to install and run the game is approximately 3.5 GB.
OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
Memory: 1 GB


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