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When only the good survive, where do the monsters come from?

A small group of human children battle the monsters of the night using a new weapon the city has provided them. They are called the Calvary. They are still hiding in the shadows, afraid of their own people. Some of them want to remain hidden, for fear of becoming monsters. And some of them, like the one you meet, are sick of the idea of being evil.

Fighting to stop the monsters and unmaking the monsters is an idea that has long been lost in the city. For generations people have ignored the monsters, and the monsters have continued to grow, threatening the people and the entire city.

I have been looking for a way to combat these monsters, but the path I’ve been following through the history of the city has brought me here. I have found out about the Calvary and I am going to do everything I can to help you, to keep us safe.

About the Author

I am a stickler for detail, clean and organization. There is a large arsenal of books, movies, games, and much more in my stash of entertainment. A lot of my time is spent dreaming of a future not too dissimilar from the one we are living in now, but a little more pleasing, a little more fun. I am a perfectionist, and refuse to accept anything but the highest quality of workmanship. My greatest hope is to become an author, https://americap2.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/upload/files/2022/06/8vwZMDpItKSPCvmNZXZL_07_f99a75c0430df05fb765ae7fc04b3ca5_file.pdf


You keep building and building more.Q:

Best way to organize classes

I’m currently trying to find the best organization for my Java classes.
In other words, I have a class called “StatusMessage” that contains some private String members. Now there are many different status messages with each one having a different string. What would be the best way to organize the classes? The main problem is that there are another class that has another StatusMessage and and another class that will have yet another StatusMessage.
I was thinking to use an Enum to separate the classes and the other options are using interfaces or using the toString method to get the string inside the class.
Which option would be best to organize the classes in Java and what would you do?
Thank you.


To answer your question “Which option would be best to organize the classes in Java”, I’d say

Having private static final String[][] STATUS_MESSAGES = { // Enumeration
Having the data in a singleton object (or a static class variable),

public final class StatusMessageCollector {
private static StatusMessageCollector instance;

private StatusMessageCollector() {
// empty

public static StatusMessageCollector getInstance() {
if (instance == null) {
instance = new Status




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