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Borderlands 2 Rare Drop Chance Cheat Engine


download fuzuup (2)Get Borderlands 2 Cheat Code Generator v4.3. The cheat code is a random code generator that make the game works faster, you can find more details on
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Sep 8, 2019
This is an easy guide on Borderlands 2 Cheats Codes/Tricks. this means the level is high, and you’re only a few points from legendary. When you’re leveling up, and after you get to level 40 and .
Oct 4, 2018
Borderlands 2 is a majorly fun game! It was a purchase mainly because of the novelty of the formula (I really enjoyed the first Borderlands). I had no .
How to change the drop rate to minimum and maximum. Borderlands 2 now has a skill tree to personalize your character, so the drops aren’t needed, and if you don’t use the skill you don’t use. Sep 30, 2017
The value for that cheat engine table is the drop rates of each item quality from white, green, blue, purple and orange. You can modify those variables and .
11 Best Keyboard Shortcuts & Tricks For Borderlands 2! Borderlands 2 is by far the best game that I’ve ever played. It was a purchase mainly because of the novelty of the formula (I really enjoyed the first Borderlands). I had no .
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. Borderlands 2: Cheat Engine Table (Rarity Drops) Free Download. 1.Download Cheat Engine 6.2 (MANDATORY). 2.Download the script.
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. a few more differences between Borderlands than just drop rates.
Play Borderlands 2 on Windows 10 (with the Cheat Engine 5/6) | How To!.
Apr 20, 2019
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That’s not the correct formula. Using tier bonuses for each rarity, you could use this:
Rarity / Tier * (Rarity-1 + Tier-1) + Rarity-2 + Tier-2

Example: If a rarer weapon drops with tier 1, and you have tier 3, the formula would be:
Rarity/Tier * (Rarity-1 + Tier-1) * (Rarity/Tier) + Rarity-2 + Tier-2

So, for example, on level 61:
1014 * (1 + 3) * (1/1014) + 3 + (2+1) = 299

This doesn’t need Cheat Engine.
Using Stat Calc on a calculator, you can substitute every tier for its value on Rarities of 1, 2, and 3, and find the final result, like this:

The combined rarity is 3 (2+1) and it has a 1/2.6 chance to drop.
In Cheat Engine, at the top of the “Special | Class Mods” window, click “Edit Formula…” and copy the formula into that space.
Note that the rarity drop chance cannot be calculated this way (not using Cheat Engine).

Disclaimer: I’m a developer of Cheat Engine, by the way.


As far as I have seen it is:
Rarity / Tier * (Rarity-1 + Tier-1) + Rarity-2 + Tier-2

like Mat said.
This is easier to calculate manually, or with a spreadsheet, than using Cheat Engine.

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