BPMN 1.2 Modeler for Visio is a Microsoft Visio add-on designed to draw and model business processes It is a comprehensive user friendly package. The BPMN 1.2 Modeler for Visio supports the complete set of BPMN 1.2 elements (flow objects, connecting objects, swimlanes and artifacts).
BPMN markers can easily be selected to fully exploit the representation power of BPMN. BPMN non graphical attributes can be set or populated using a user friendly “Custom Properties” Panel available for each BPMN element.









BPMN 1.2 Modeler For Visio Download X64 [April-2022]

Set up a visual modeling environment, where modelers can visualize and edit flow and data-driven modeling objects.
Design and edit a BPMN model from scratch or drag-and-drop existing business process models. Use BPMN to define the activity and event flows of business processes. Or use data-driven modeling to automatically generate the required BPMN elements based on a data model.
Define non-graphical attributes for each BPMN model element.
Edit the graphical and non-graphical attributes of each BPMN model element.
Connect BPMN objects to each other with easy drag-and-drop functions. Connect BPMN objects from one model to other models.
Synchronize business process models with database models. Import database model and synchronize automatically the business model with the database model.
Export BPMN model to a.vssx (Microsoft Visio Models and Charts) or a.edmx ( Microsoft.NET development models) file.
Locate business process models across your Visio workbooks, Visio databases and your application model.

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BPMN 1.2 Modeler For Visio Crack +

There are certain specific keywords that are useful in Visio for modeling a business process. The Key Macro are used to define these specific keywords.
KEYMACRO Name: processKeyword
Description: Specifies the process keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: businessKeyword
Description: Specifies the business keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: taskKeyword
Description: Specifies the task keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: activityKeyword
Description: Specifies the activity keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: serviceKeyword
Description: Specifies the service keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: outputKeyword
Description: Specifies the output keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: inoutKeyword
Description: Specifies the inout keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: inputTypeKeyword
Description: Specifies the input type keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: dataTypeKeyword
Description: Specifies the data type keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: dataSourceKeyword
Description: Specifies the data source keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: businessKeywordActivationRuleKeyword
Description: Specifies the business activity activation rule keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: businessKeywordSequenceKeyword
Description: Specifies the business activity sequence keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: businessKeywordDefinitionKeyword
Description: Specifies the business activity definition keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: activityKeywordDefintionKeyword
Description: Specifies the activity definition keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: associatedRuleKeyword
Description: Specifies the associated rule keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: iconKeyword
Description: Specifies the icon keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: typeKeyword
Description: Specifies the type keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: multiInstanceKeyword
Description: Specifies the multi instance keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: customPropertyKeyword
Description: Specifies the custom property keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: nameKeyword
Description: Specifies the name keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: parameterKeyword
Description: Specifies the parameter keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: implementationTypeKeyword
Description: Specifies the implementation type keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: linkKeyword
Description: Specifies the link keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: entityLinkKeyword
Description: Specifies the entity link keyword.
KEYMACRO Name: customDataKey

BPMN 1.2 Modeler For Visio

– Supports full graphical modelling for business processes and flow
– Supports full non graphical modelling
– Supports almost all BPMN graphical elements
– BPMN Markers support with the possibility to set attributes or populate some custom properties
– Ability to edit non graphical attributes using the “Custom Properties” panel
– BPMN Non graphical elements can be easily selected or highlighted with a different color
– Ability to define and move and resize components
– Ability to resize and organize flow charts
– Ability to collapse and expand flow charts
– Ability to export flow charts in several common formats
– Ability to import flow charts from several common formats
– Ability to debug your flows
– Ability to view a complete list of defined flows
– Ability to open and edit flows defined in your own documents
– Ability to import and export your own models using CSV file format.

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What’s New in the BPMN 1.2 Modeler For Visio?

It was designed to help designers and business analysts to build and edit BPMN diagrams.
It makes it easier to collaborate between business analysts and IT developers.
It allows designers to model real business requirements and provides a set of tools that facilitates the modeling process.
The objects and attributes are all editable and the real business process can be visualized by using the BPMN diagram to explain the business process.
To model a real business process it is possible to use the powerful flow editor.
It is especially suitable for smaller projects as it is easy to setup and uses Visio Professional for editing the diagrams.

* The Diagram Tools Toolbox now has its own Context Menu to hide specific operations that were previously located in a main menu
* It is possible to have a “Jump to” pop up menu item for each object in a diagram, which enables you to easily navigate to all objects containing the same name
* You can now use “Design Time Properties” to set BPMN-specific attributes and annotations in your diagrams
* New “Custom Properties” panel that provides a set of attributes and annotations, ready to be used in a BPMN diagram. You can use them to easily set or populate a BPMN element.


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It is a unique way to model business processes using the graphical notation of BPMN.

BPMN Web Service Builder – BPMN Web Service Builder is a graphical way to configure web services and processes.
Use BPMN Web Service Builder to configure a web service based on BPMN.
It supports the full set of BPMN elements.
You can deploy the configuration and start a web service immediately.

Data Flow Process Diagrammer – Data Flow Process Diagrammer supports the full set of BPMN flow and data objects.
It provides a unique method to visualize and configure data flow process.
It is easy to use.

BPMN Designer / BPMN Designer Pro for Visio – BPMN Designer Pro is a complete tool to model business processes.

System Requirements:

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Processor: Intel Pentium III
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: 1024 x 768 resolution
Hard disk space: 6.8 GB
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