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For all of you Breaking Bad fans, you will be happy to know that Netflix has turned the series into a full-length series for your enjoyment! Some critics have said that this new series is even better than the original! This series is based on the popular AMC drama titled Breaking Bad, which centers on the life of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher dying of lung cancer. In Season 1, Walt develops a drug with his former student Jesse Pinkman that he sells to the local meth distributor, in the process of which, he becomes a main character. Season 1 was the best season of the show by far. The second season continued where the first left off. The third season followed the same story, but was set in a time when Walt had given up his drug business. That was just to give the viewers time to re-adjust to the story and explain why Walt now has the money to go to Albuquerque and make more meth, with Jesse getting into the occasional drug business.
The fourth season built upon the story of the third, but also included a new storyline, in which Skylar was now with Marie. Walt went along with this and eventually took a settlement in a civil case with the insurance company, which covered the damages caused by the explosion. In Season 5, a younger wife for Walt was mentioned as a possibility, and after two seasons of dealing with Jesse and his illness, Walt will finally move to New Mexico and escape. Season 5 ended with a ‘flashback’ to Season 4, where Walt was struggling to recover, his life was going down the tubes, and he was trying to make things work. However, Jesse was sick again. Season 6 began in Walt’s hometown of Albuquerque, NM, and he has moved on from the meth business. He begins to be suspicious of his employees, and that leads to a violent confrontation with his former partner Jesse. At the end of Season 6, Walt is confronted with a choice to either spend the rest of his life in jail for trying to kill Jesse and his family, or to die a free man. He chooses to go to the VA hospital in Albuquerque and tell the doctors that he has cancer in his lungs, along with other ailments, and give Jesse the ultimate ‘you’re going to die’ gift. In the final episode, when everyone expected Walt to have died at the end of the series, Walt had only faked his death and headed to Mexico. He soon started working with the DEA and Pinkman again, but kept his own interests


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Sept 21, 2019 – Breaking Bad (Season 5) Full Episode. This is the full episode link: Breaking Bad season 5 full episode links are provided below.
The full fifth season of Breaking Bad will begin streaming on Netflix this August. The fourth season of Vince Gilligan’s acclaimed AMC drama ended in May, meaning the eagerly anticipated conclusion will be available to …
All Seasons.
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