With a name that reveals its whole purpose, Business Card Creator Software can prove useful to anyone who wants to create and print great-looking business cards without having to work with applications that require complex configurations.
Focusing on ease of use, this particular software solution can guide you through the process of generating your business card in an instant. Basically, the only requirement is to enter detailed information about your company and contact methods.
The main interface consists of a single window split into two separate panes, one for entering the necessary data and the other for previewing the result. You can input the company name, tagline, a maximum of five addresses, as well as contact details, such as the e-mail address and the official website URL. Optionally, a locally stored picture can be added onto the business card and automatically re-sized to fit onto the card.
Business Card Creator Software is capable of printing multiple cards onto a single page. It saves the output document as XPS or OXPS for further processing.
While ease of use and live preview are definitely strong points of this application, there are also some aspects that could use some improvements. For instance, Business Card Creator Software only comes with a single, rather dull design, unlike other similar applications that provide variate and diverse collections of templates you can use.
A business card includes essential information about a company, representing one of the most important elements in the marketing strategy. Therefore, you might want to think twice about its design and presentation. Business Card Creator Software can indeed provide fast processing speed, but it cannot help you generate compelling, striking visual designs that you could impress your clients and partners with.







Business Card Creator Software Download PC/Windows

* Click onto the company logo to learn more about the free business card maker!
* Meet your business card maker! Easily create and print professional cards for any occasion.
* No matter what your company is, Card Creator has you covered! Creat all the cards you need for any occasion, from business cards to holiday cards and more.
* It’s easy to customize your business cards with a choice of layouts, colors, text styles and more.
* Add a photo to your business card or use an existing one. Perfect for all occasions!
* Create professional looking business cards with the powerful tools in Card Creator.
* It’s easy to create great-looking business cards with a variety of professionally designed templates.
* Share your business cards with friends and family – including those via social networks.
* Save your business card to your computer with one of the many available business card saving options.
We recommend you to check the free trial version as the business card maker comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can download it by clicking on the download button below.

Photo Slideshow Creator
Photo Slideshow Creator is a powerful and easy-to-use photo slideshow creator tool for Windows. It can combine photos or video files to turn them into a beautiful and animated slide show. You can add text, music, special effects, voiceovers and more to customize your slideshows. It’s easy to create professional-looking slideshows without coding. Just drag and drop your photos or video files into the slideshow creator, and it will create a high-quality animated slideshow with your photos or video clips in just a few simple steps!
Photo Slideshow Creator is a perfect tool for photo slide shows:
– Add Photos or Video to Photo Slideshow
– Create Slideshow – Add Photos and Video Files
– View Slideshow – Play Photo Slideshow
– View Slideshow – Play Video Slideshow
– Edit Photo Slideshow – Make Photo Slideshow more beautiful
– Edit Photo Slideshow – Optimize Photo Slideshow
– Change the Slideshow Background
The list of all features in Photo Slideshow Creator can be found here.

Video Slideshow Creator
Video Slideshow Creator is a powerful and easy-to-use video slideshow creator tool for Windows. It can combine videos or music files to turn them into a beautiful and animated slide show. You can add text, music, special effects, voiceovers and more to customize your slidesh

Business Card Creator Software Crack + With Key [Mac/Win]

* Create great looking business cards with one click
* Fully customizable business card templates for any business
* A professional tool for you to create attractive business cards
* Print on multiple pages
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Whether it’s for business or pleasure, sending a business card gives the recipient a quick and easy way to find out more about the sender and the company. A business card is the perfect way to promote your company and invite someone to take a closer look. It should be easy to carry, easy to handle, and easy to produce.
Business Card Creator Software Free Download is the right tool to create the perfect, premium-looking card for your business. From inputting your company details to previewing the result, this application enables you to design the perfect business card for your company within seconds.
Focusing on the requirements of the target audience, Business Card Creator Software offers five pre-designed categories for you to select from. You can easily add text and pictures, and create and print multiple cards on multiple pages for that perfect finishing touch.
Several advanced features ensure that your business card really stands out from the competition. You can add a title, tagline, or logo, and set the copyright and year. You can also keep a maximum of five addresses, have a contact photo added, modify the printing layout, and print on multiple pages all in one go.
And because Business Card Creator Software is such a powerful, easy-to-use tool, it saves the output document as XPS or OXPS for further processing.
Business Card Creator Software is one of the most convenient ways to create the best business cards for your company. You don’t have to spend precious time trying to get the right look, and you don’t have to struggle with complex configurations. Just add your company details, then create and print great-looking business cards with one click.
Key Features:
* Add text and images to a business card template and design a premium-looking card
* Create multiple cards and save them as individual documents
* Print multiple cards on multiple pages
* Preview the result on an unlimited basis
* Add a logo, set a copyright, and keep a photo on file
* Create business cards for a company, person, or address
* Set the address information in an area on the contact page
* Add a title, tagline, or logo
* Add or delete contact details, such as a phone number, e-

Business Card Creator Software Product Key

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What’s New in the Business Card Creator Software?

Main and simple to use, the three main options required for your business card are yours to choose from. It features a very intuitive interface that will provide you and your company with a speedy online business card. You can create business cards within a few minutes and even choose from their predefined templates or import your own.

Fully customizable, it has a sleek and eye-catching design with great flexibility for adding texts, images, logos and forms. Use it to print many copies of your business card for free, as you can generate unlimited numbers of perfect, high-quality business cards.

Business Card Creator Software is based on the most powerful software engine in the industry, so you can use the application for years to come. It is a universal system that is based on multiple file types, which means that any file you import or create will be compatible with any output device.

The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Simply use the tool to learn more about the sections that will be necessary for a business card, and customize them the way that you see fit. When you save, you can take advantage of the many features that guarantee that your business card will look great and help your company stand out from the rest.

Using an interface that is integrated with Windows, you will find it easy to import documents, save your work to the cloud, and even share your creations. As one of the most powerful solutions in the category, Business Card Creator Software will allow you to quickly design and print the perfect business card for your company.

Business Card Creator Software Features:

Create All Kinds of Business Cards

Make sure that your business card is being printed with the most advanced system and tools the industry has to offer. You can easily create and print professional business cards for both your own and other people. For people who want to view and edit designs, a wide selection of templates will help, including templates for small business, laptop business cards, business cards and product catalogs, for example.

Functions for Professionals

Turn your free app into a powerful marketing tool for your company. Through the use of its excellent user interface, you will be able to upload images, add texts, and include numerous functions to the design. With the help of this tool, you can create a business card that represents your company to its best advantage. It has a sleek and a professional look, so you can be sure that no one can ever mistake the real identity of your company.


System Requirements For Business Card Creator Software:

Power Supply:
A 15V DC power supply is required to supply power to the product.
A DC power supply with a maximum output power of 450 W or greater is recommended.
Note: For compatibility, it is recommended that the power supply is able to provide at least 350 W, and at most 700 W.
The input voltage for the electronic components used in the product is 110-240V~50/60 Hz.
In order to supply power to all electronic components without interruption, it is preferable that


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