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Upload all free or royalty-free photos and images.n Use them in commercial projects during their lifetime.n Remove old images and upload new ones when their lifetime expires.f Maintain having a portfolio of different images to see which ones remain in demand over a long period of time and keep them relevant.
The first version of the analyzer used image parameter files stored in a .pi file. In the second version, a new “Photo Libraries” tab was added to these files, which contained parameters for remote images that needed to be loaded into the updated analyzer. As test images, you can use any of the pictures presented in the review article.
In the new version, change the aspect ratio to 1.8, save the PI.gif settings file, and at the same time change the design of the main theme by highlighting the Photo Library tab with the Pi.gimp settings files. Since PI is the name of the theme, its meaning remains unchanged, that is, we actually use the very first example of a design theme from the material of this article, in principle, it does not change anything. However, when you turn on the Pi, a version of the main theme will automatically be created, displaying the image in the aspect ratio possible when choosing the theme settings.
The task of identifying images in the background has been completed.
Now let’s move on to image analysis in action. In this case, I analyze images in two modes, using an external program and using a script.
To analyze images in script mode, do the following:
1) open the file PI_AI_W.jpeg;
2) insert the “Files” folder into the Pi_Ai_W file located in the folder with images and find the image Pi200_nnn0321_n1.png in it;
3) call the processing dialog by clicking the “Display” button, after which in the program dialog box you must double-click the “Image Search” button and a list of found Pi images will appear in the window;
* If the file Pic-200_Nnn.jpg was not found in the folder.pedia, you can search for it in the folders with the rest of the images, and then copy it to the .pal folder.
4) when a Pi image is found, go to the menu “Tools” – “Folder Options” and select on



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