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CCTScribe is an innovative and easy-to-use software for designing and editing PCBs. With this program, you will be able to create, edit, and manage your PCBs in a few steps. Once it has been saved, you can export it in some of the most popular formats, just by clicking on the respective icons on the right.
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Clean, uncluttered interface, which facilitates efficient handling and offers a good overview of the loaded contents
Simplicity is always at the heart of good designs and this is well stated throughout the entirety of CCTScribe Product Key’s interface and menus. This basic look, however, must not lead you into thinking that the app is featureless, quite the contrary.
When venturing out through its menus, one will be able to find an ample collection of tools for creating, editing, and managing PCB layouts, with all the implications that might span from that. Furthermore, by maintaining a black and white theme for the schematics, the complexity is reduced even more.
Make use of the included object library or, create your own elements and add them to the schematics
The application comes packed with a series of pre-defined objects, which are all within the scope of some of the most common circuitry schematics object sets. That means that users will have access to a wide range of elements, which can be added with a single click.
However, if one wishes to add custom elements, the app also offers this possibility, through a series of shapes, which can also be added quickly to the layout. All-in-all, the ease of handling, combined with the highly accessible features, make for a simple and concise experience.
Nifty PCB editor app that is sure to pack a punch in terms of quick and effective circuit schematics design
If you seek a tool that can help you design, edit and manage circuit schematics layout, without having to resort to complex processes and features, then Cracked CCTScribe With Keygen might just be right for you.
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CCTScribe Activation Key [32|64bit]

Schematic editor with wide variety of basic and advanced tools for creating PCB layout.
Create schematic, view and edit schematic, create schematic symbols and add schematic data
How to Use:
In the application, click on the ‘Create Schematic’ button.
In the new dialog box, you can choose the schematic type you want, and then click ‘Create’.
You can also use the schematic editor to create multiple schematic files (e.g. PCB, schematic).
In the schematic editor, schematic symbols and schematic data can be created and modified.
Note: When you enter a text into the ‘Text’ edit box, a number of selections and add-ons will be enabled in the list above the text edit box. In this way you can enter international characters quickly.

The project was not created for commercial reasons. Its intention is to provide an easy-to-use circuit schematic editor for personal and educational use. The application requires a free subscription to ComScribe Online Schematic Editor which can be downloaded here:
The project has only been tested in Windows OS. If it does not run on your platform or OS, please visit the website of the software.


You are welcome to contribute by sending in screenshots, bug reports, fixes, questions, comments, proof-of-concept code, or even just a simple hello! Don’t feel obliged to include this if you don’t want to, but it is always appreciated.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License 4.0. In short, you are free to use, copy, modify and distribute this work, as long as you attribute the work to the contributors. Please also include a copy of the license in your work.

The trial version will give you access to the basic circuit drawing, schematic editing, and schematic symbol creation tools.
The full version will give you access to all the features described in this page.

schematic symbols

circuit design

IDC file export

Each of the above products requires a separate license that is purchased separately.

If you know of other similar projects, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list. Please only link to this website if the project doesn’t have an official link anywhere on the web.

** In the [My Prog] section of the description, you can enter a custom URL for your program

What’s New In CCTScribe?

CCTScribe is a PCB (printed circuit board) layout and simulation tool that allows quick and effective circuit schematics design and edit, and management of the created layouts. The app contains an array of pre-defined objects that are handy for creating the schematics, with all the features that might come with this.
Furthermore, if you wish, you can also add custom objects to the layout, or use the included library of pre-loaded elements.
CCTScribe is highly successful in providing an efficient circuit schematics design tool with a fast and user-friendly interface, which will not deter the novices, or those who wish to avoid complicated procedures.
CCTScribe Download Link:
Download Link

A MUST Try for everyone!
App Info:
Name: CCTScribe
Version: 3.0.0
Developer: CCTScribe
Language: Java
Price: FREE
File Size:
9.5 MB
Requires Android:
Requires Android 4.0 and up

App Review:

System Requirements:

Core 2 Duo or later Processor
Windows Vista or later OS
Hard drive space of 15 GB
1.5 GB RAM
100 MB available hard disk space
VuPoint™ Pro for Windows or older versions of VuPoint Pro are compatible with GAMES, but cannot be used for online multiplayer.
VuPoint Pro Online has also been tested and confirmed as working for Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit), Vista (32-bit/

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