It might not be a full-fledged application, and it might not be of use to individuals outside of the streaming area of interest, but it is an original concept created by game enthusiasts, for game enthusiasts. Spud Controller is a virtual representation of your hands as you mash buttons on your controller in front of an audience. The whole idea behind this application is to integrate it with streaming apps such as OBS and provide a sort of playing perspective without actually forcing you to show your real face and hands.
Your hands and controller
The application is basically formed out of a background, a pair of hands, and a controller. You can edit the color of any of these elements by adjusting the settings file present in the root directory of the application. You can also adjust the intensity of the controller movement by changing the appropriate value in the same file. As far as integration is concerned, it should work with all of the popular streaming services, although OBS seems to be the recommended choice. The application doesn't necessarily show what buttons you're clicking. It simply gives a perspective to individuals watching you stream a gaming session.
Controller support
Unfortunately, the application offers guaranteed support only for Xbox One and PS4 controllers. While other gamepads might work fine, it's not about Xinput compatibility with this one, but rather a match between the app itself and any other particular pad. As far as responsiveness is concerned, the representation is smooth and true to the nature of your button mashing. This, in turn, means your streaming sessions will seem more lively and personal.
Spud Controller is an interesting concept for game streamers. It brings a new take on things, offering the possibility of creating more relevant content that could convince any individual of your implication. Unfortunately, the lack of fully-supported gamepads, and the fact that it can't be used as a guide for executing certain actions within the game, turn the app into a less relevant version of what some might be expecting.







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LiveCandy – enhanced productivity – Feed Readers


LiveCandy for Windows – enhanced productivity – Feed Readers



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June 16, 2013



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LiveCandy is a Windows application that lets you receive, read, and reply to social network messages, email, SMS messages, and online comments.
You will get the information you need by being updated in the most relevant feeds. News, notes and status updates, along with comments, are reviewed and displayed on your screen for you to read and reply from.
Furthermore, you can now use LiveCandy to read your Facebook account, and keep track of your Twitter stream, your LinkedIn connections, and your website comments.
In addition, LiveCandy will save the time of any user, as it provides the opportunity to view up to 1000 contacts at once, so you won’t need to scroll through a list of emails every time you want to see if there is something important in there.
Moreover, with the Simple Search feature, you can search for any updates from any source in your inbox, a friend’s account or in any forum on the web.
You can also add your own status updates, comments, and notes to any existing thread.
Every action or update you make is immediately displayed and suggested to you.
It will save you a lot of time, as it’s a snap to keep connected to all the news and information you need.
With the LiveCandy extension you can also install more features, like searching YouTube comments, viewing the comments on Google Reader, and most popular RSS readers, like Google Reader, RSSGrader, and CurrentRSS.
LiveCandy is a multi-purpose service which allows you to receive the most updated information from the social networks and Internet, via email, SMS, or online comments.
It’s a perfect tool for keeping track of your social and networking activities, and provides a fast, easy way to access online resources, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace, YouTube, AOL chat, Google Blogger, Google Reader, YouTube comments, and RSS feeds.
The program can be used in two modes:
Simple mode
The interface is very simple, and many of the options can be accessed without the need for a mouse.

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Chatter Description:
Revuoer is a straightforward application that allows you to edit your browsers cookies. It’s the perfect tool to manage your browsing history, as you can create temporary data and manage it in this way.
This data can be used to log when you bookmarked a page, visited it, or even when you came from an external website.
As far as functions go, it offers you a few options in order to customize your browser history. You can view active cookies, edit your cookies name or path, find cookies from a list, delete cookies, delete multiple cookies, merge cookies, save cookies as history, mark cookies as blocked, and enable the possibility of deleting the cookies cache.
The first and the most useful aspect to take into account when using Revuoer is the fact that cookies management is done with cookie windows that can be sorted into categories.
The application comes with a toolbar that allows you to quickly access the options, and you can create new columns and rows with the selection buttons on the left side, which are named based on the data you collect.
Installing, usage and conclusion
The setup procedure isn’t long or complicated, which makes it a very simple and convenient software, suited to user beginners. It came with a few options on the first page of the options window, including the possibility of disabling the tool’s icon from the system tray.
However, it’s not a tool that protects you against third-party software, since it’s not able to protect cookies from editing by other applications. As a matter of fact, we saw a possibility to use this tool for cookie protection, but this option didn’t work properly.
Chatter Description:
Chatter Description:
You can’t count on the media or plug-in formats compatibility of the various streaming websites. In case of doubt, your device might not be able to play the content that you want to see or hear.
Media Converter Factory answers to this problem. This tool converts all popular formats and converts them into another format, according to your preferences. Its features include MP3 to AAC format conversion, CD to MP3 format conversion, DVD to MP3 format conversion, AVI to MP3 format conversion, VCD to MP3 format conversion, SVCD to MP3 format conversion, FLV to MP3 format conversion, 2 DVD to MP3 format conversion, 3 DVD to MP3 format conversion, AMR to MP3 format conversion, AMR to OGG format conversion, AAC to MP3

Chatter Crack For PC

This is a simple chat application to send and receive messages that can be used both on desktops and mobile. You can talk with your friends, family, and even celebrities in this free app.
What’s new:
If you want to see the message in high quality, check out this update.
Share videos, photos, and even desktop!
Share news, videos, music, and even desktop!
High-quality message, and high-quality image!
Not only that, but you can also share Facebook, Twitter, and other social network messages.
Clear and simple application design
Switch between your favorite network and chat apps
Just say ‘Send to Gmail’ and you will be sent to your inbox.
With the intuitive design, you can simply enter your user name and email.
This is not just a chat application, but a messaging system, that saves all the contacts of friends, family, and celebrities.
Powerful user experience without lagging!
This free application is compatible with many different devices, including windows, Mac, android, iphone, ipad, and much more.
You can enjoy various fun activities at home or on the go.
You can easily do your homework by using this user-friendly app.
You can chat to your friends and colleagues and share your interest in the entertainment of the day.
Faster, simpler, more user-friendly and more interactable with the user interface.
Microhp SoftAudio Recorder is a remarkable audio recording software that will empower you to record your favorite voice and music to a music audio CD.
■ Audio CD Writer
■ Microhp SoftAudio Recorder
■ Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
■ MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC audio file format
■.wav,.wma,.mp3 and.aac formats
■ To see all hidden files
■ To create new.wav file
■ To open an audio CD file
■ To test the recording
■ To pause the recording
■ To stop the recording
■ To set the recording speed
How to install:
It is easy to use, so you can go to the website and follow the instructions. It is very simple, so you can use it without any problem. This free application is totally free so that you can use

What’s New in the Chatter?

Pano Warp allows you to perform pixel transformations used in panorama stitching. It lets you do everything you can expect from a panorama post processing tool that should be included in the service suite of some very high end RAW shooters. The principle of using so many different pixel transformations on a single image gives it a unique look and presence.
Full control is coupled with a lot of complexity and therefore, it is not a tool of the novice. Its intention is to give very experienced users control over their panoramas and that is why it is called “pano”. Those of you who are not the most skilled and have little exposure to post-processing tools of this nature should not be let down by its complexity. It is a tool that can certainly help you manage the complexity of a panorama and give you and your team a competitive edge.
One of the main things you will be able to do is use the tool to prepare the most important part of any panorama, that is the stitch. There are a lot of ways to approach this process. Typically, people will either do nothing (using Photoshop with layers or a dedicated stitch tool) or use the co-ordinates and measurements of lens distortion to compensate the shot. Both of these approaches will not work well with Pano Warp. It will give you the option to choose up to five parameters to use for stitching. These can be put into either an adjusted or a raw version and then change the way the panorama is formed. These options include:
1. Projection. Changing from one projected to another can change the panoramic effect you get.
2. Horizontal to Vertial Distortion. You can choose to use the horizontal or vertical part of the optical distortion formula to correct for the panorama.
3. Vertical Distortion. Vertical distortion can have an effect on the grid lines, which are added to the final stitch.
4. Lens Vignetting. This will tweak the corners of the image a bit.
5. Barrel distortion. This will stretch the picture to follow the barrel of the lens.
6. Vertical stretch. Stretching the image downwards can flatten it out a bit more.
7. Brightness. Here you can adjust brightness and contrast to adjust the final look and feel of the image.
8. Gamma correction. We believe this is the default setting and can be set to -1 to 1 or 0 to 1. Although any sane gamma correction will make sense for anything.
9. Cutoff

System Requirements For Chatter:

Minimum System Requirements:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 460, AMD Radeon HD 5770, Intel Core i3-530, 4GB RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, AMD Radeon HD 5870, Intel Core i5-650, 6GB RAM
Additional Notes:
– Game offers full HD graphics, you can adjust to 4k if your PC is capable.
– You can change the resolution if you can.
– Use the gamepad or keyboard to play the game.
– Play anywhere with

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