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Category:Science and technology in IndonesiaTop 25 Most Annoying Compound Words

Compounds are tricky. Even the simplest compound word can behave in confusing ways. You might think that the word “football” means two words. If you are a basketball fan, however, you probably think that the word means one word: the “ba-bam-ba-ba” part of the word.

Then, there is the “eggregious” example. If you’re an English major, the word might pop out of your head as “eggcupacious” or something along those lines. If you’re an elementary-school student learning to spell, the word would probably start with a “gg-.”

If only there were a word to describe the word that you can only remember the last syllable of the word.

And then there are these words, which are so weird to think about that they are actually even they way English can register them in our minds.

The first three on this list are created by combining two consonants; the next three are combinations of two vowels, and the last six are compounds created by combining a vowel and a vowel.

There are a lot more of these words. Want to know how to pronounce them? Check out this list.

1. Thrombosis, which is one half of the word “thrombotic.”

2. Thwart, which comes from the Latin word “thwarts.”

3. Thymus, which is Greek for “nurse’s breast.”

4. Thrasher, which came from the Latin word “ab flumine.”

5. Preternatural, which means “above reason or nature.”

6. Flaunt, which was originally a chant for military maneuvers.

7. Bearbait, which means “to taunt” or “make sport of.”

8. Thistle-headed, which is a combination of the English words “thistle” and “headed.”

9. Prolepsis, which means “the prediction of a future event.”

10. Burden, which was originally a mechanical device used to transport ballast.

11. Tholus, which is a combination of the



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