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Today we’re reviewing one of the most efficient applications for iPad and iPhone: Live Charts. The application was created by Groupe Ros.
Live Charts will help you find a way to easily monitor and visualize data coming from various sensors on your iPhone or iPad.
This application aims to simplify the management of numbers by presenting them on live charts as well as on graphs.
At the same time, it enables you to create your own numerical analyses, while simultaneously keeping a track on your overall energy usage.
Live Charts comes with a very useful back-end system, which enables you to store, analyze, organize and categorize your data. It’s especially handy if you’re an energy efficiency geek.
Here’s what we’ve noticed about Live Charts.
LIVECHIPS is a free application for the iPad and iPhone. It enables you to manage your energy and water consumption.
Live Charts is designed to help you get started. It consists of three basic charts.
Each of these three basic charts displays a different aspect of energy or water consumption.
However, the application also contains a “Summary” chart that contains the total amount of water and energy that was used during a particular period. It enables you to perform various statistical and informational analyses.
You can also create one or more data sheets, which will allow you to sort, display and analyze your data.
Live Charts will be available from the App Store on the following dates:
Apple TV
Live Charts is compatible with iOS 6 and later, as well as the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation and iPad 4.
Live Charts comes with a multitude of functions and helpful features. The following table provides a quick run-down of them.
Statistical and informational
You can see which days have been the most energy efficient or which ones have used the most energy. Furthermore, you will be able to find out about days which use the least amount of water and so on.
All this information will be presented in charts and graphs.
The application will be compatible with the main, updated versions of iStat Pro 4 and WebCharts.
You’ll be able to 70238732e0

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A Macro that allows the use of any keyboard-macro in Windows.
The following functions can be accessed by selecting the macro-icon in the Quick Access Toolbar. These are
– Clear Macro-cache
– Clear Current-Cache
– Clear Saved-Data
– Clear Search-history
– Clear Recent-files
– Show/hide the macro-list
Additional notes:
Homepage-Changer is a free program to change your default home page in internet explorer. Please read the FAQ’s before using it.
Homepage-Changer makes a change to your default home page in IE. Each website will be changed on a schedule that you have specified.
Homepage-Changer is a tool to change your default home page in Internet Explorer (IE). It may change the default home page as often as you like, every 30 minutes or as often as you choose.
When your schedule has been reached, you’ll be notified and will be asked if you want the change to occur. You can also change which websites are included in the scheduled change.
The only one time limit for all websites is 7 days from when you have chosen to schedule a change.
If you want to limit the amount of times that the websites change you can select how many times you want Homepage-Changer to occur.
The program can work with most web browsers including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
You can use the macro-list to enter websites one by one, however there is no need to as the program will build the list for you. You can also use the Filter-list to exclude specific websites, or you can just select the All sites button to select all of the websites that you want to change.
The program does not require access to the internet as it loads the websites on your computer.
Homepage-Changer only changes the default home page in Internet Explorer (IE). It will not change the home pages of other internet browsers.
You can install Homepage-Changer on multiple computers at the same time.
The program will change the home page every week on Sunday, the second Sunday of each month.
It will change the home page at 12:00 Midnight on each day and only on weekdays.
Cleaning up:
When you are done with Homepage-Changer, there are several methods to clean it up.
Start the program then click on the Options button.
In the dialog box that opens, select Clean]buy%22%3Ehow

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