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1. It’s main purpose is to search through your computer for the program you need, and provide you with short information about the program to help you decide whether or not you want to launch it.
2. Its search can launch programs or show information about them, and when you pick a program it will immediately launch it and then close itself if you don’t use it. That’s why when you search for a program and click Open it instantly starts and closes when you don’t use it.
3. It can also open files, folders and websites from the registry, and can launch any program that accepts the command line to open a file or folder.
SmartStart Features:
1. SmartStart is an extremely efficient and fast application which can search through programs or websites to try and find a file you want to use.
2. It’s really fast and is really nice and clean.
3. It has more than 20 commands to find files, programs, websites, and even a calculator.
4. You can press Ctrl+F to search for a file and type in the file name or folder name or folder path.
5. If you have a hard drive crash or trash your files and you can use SmartStart to bring back your files.
6. You can launch sites and searches from the program.
7. You can also use SmartStart to test your USB ports to make sure they are working.
8. It can auto open programs.
9. You can search for email and all kinds of emails.
10. You can search for usb devices, wireless keyboards and mice, log files, and many other things to help you on the web.
11. You can open a drive, find an email address, or search for a website.
12. You can search for music, games, photo albums, and videos.
13. You can search for a calculator.
14. You can search for a word in the dictionary.
15. You can search for a calculator again.
16. You can search for a website again.
17. You can search for more.
18. You can search for a drive again.
19. You can search for a word.
20. You can search for a calculator again.
21. You can search for a calculator again.
22. You can search for an internet radio station.
23. You can search for one again.

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-> Open a folder, folder sub-folder or file with one-click by a SmartStart!
-> Speed up the searching of files, programs and websites.
-> Open multiple programs at once.
-> Start more than one program at once, just hold the down button to pause it.
-> Support both default window styles.
-> Support multiple languages.
-> No need to be careful about renaming files, SmartStart will rename them for you.
-> Automatic re-sizing: it will automatically re-size the window when the app name is resized.
-> Automatically get rid of duplicated files.
-> Loading indicators show up when the app is loading.
-> More than 10 additional features!

– Windows XP or higher;
– 2 GB RAM recommended.
-.NET Framework 2.0 or higher;
– The SmartStart trial version is 3 days in length and can open any file up to 1GB. The full version costs $19.95, which allows you to open up to 5GB of files.


– You will be able to read and save manual file, etc. as a text file.
– You can add many URL shortcuts to the shortcut menu.
– In the download version, you can view the manual with the help of the program.
– The download version will ask you to pay so that you can receive the additional features.
– The trial version cannot be installed as a stand-alone application and so cannot be copied.
– The trial version can open up to 1GB; the full version will allow you to open up to 5GB.
– The trial version is a trial version, so you will not have to pay when you end the trial period.


– SmartStart creates a new menu for each folder, or folder sub-folder, or each website, etc., that you select.
– If you have many such folders or websites, then you will be very busy to find them all. Therefore, you should save time by using SmartStart.
– You can make many shortcuts to new folders or websites with the SmartStart.
– If you create shortcuts with shortcuts on the same folder, then they will be used by SmartStart.
– SmartStart is a fast application and may start all the programs at once.
– SmartStart is able to open thousands of files. You may

CL SmartStart Crack +

Complete new category: Editors and Web Browsers
CL SmartStart main goal:
Complete folders like Filters, Streams, Tasks and Labels, this is a search tool, but a search tool with special functions like search history and automatic search.
CL SmartStart features:
– Complete new category: Editors and Web Browsers
– A smart search tool that tries to guess which program or file you are looking for and will launch it when you hit the enter key
– A search history
– A custom file search
– A auto search (With config file)
– An easy to find startup folder
CL SmartStart main usage:
– A very easy way to search programs in start menu, with the many functions and smart search, you can quickly find the program that you need.
– A easy way to search your registry and all your programs, with the search history, you can easily find any program that you may find it very hard to find in the start menu.
– A very easy way to search and view your applications, it’s integrated to Windows.
– A very easy way to search all your file types and files, with the auto search, it will help you search programs, websites, and folders very fast.
– A very easy way to edit the registry and startup applications, you can edit any of your applications, you can even add, remove, rename, and copy applications.
CL SmartStart changes:
– Complete new category: Editors and Web Browsers
– Now not only for Windows, this application will support Android, OSX, Linux, and the web.
– A modified way of working with start menu, so it’ll be more better organized
– A modified way of working with registry and startup applications
– A more user friendly way to search your application and search all your applications
– A more user friendly way to search the internet
– A more user friendly way to search and access your files
– Smart search is more automated and more efficient to search
– Now it’s divided into modules to make it better organized and easier to edit, each module also has many functions in it, you can easily find any module that you may find it hard to find in the start menu.
CL SmartStart changes:
– A new way of searching programs is now integrated with Windows, and you can now find programs in a very easy way.

What’s New in the CL SmartStart?

1. Introduce you to it’s functioning.
2. User must register before using.
3. Store your programs, address, and bookmarks in its address book and add to your SmartStart Bookmarks.
4. Set your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for your tasks.
5. Automatically install and uninstall programs, games, and Windows updates.
6. View and launch programs in your address book.
7. Instant search through all your installed software.
8. Easy to use.
How to install?
-> Download and unzip it.
-> Run SmartStart.exe
Note: If you are installing this program for the first time, you may need to run the “smartstart” first before you can run the “smartstart.exe”. To do so:
1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region > Change the Region.
2. Under Date and Time: Change the region to something that you do not mind losing.
3. Run SmartStart
4. Click on the “Add button”.
5. Now, you may be prompted to reboot your computer.
6. When you are done, you may be prompted to restart your computer.
Required Software:
To use the registered version you will need to have the following:
1. Windows Me or later (Win95 or later is best)
2. Microsoft Office or later (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or the updated version of Access for Office 97)
3. Internet Explorer
Concept and design of the program
CL SmartStart is a program that is designed to save you time and free you from some annoying but time-consuming work.
Your PC is loaded with “programs”, “program shortcuts”, “Program’s features”, “Program’s classes”, “Program’s methods”, “Windows Updates”, and “Windows Tutorials”. You probably don’t even know half of them, which is why you have to keep searching through the start menu trying to find the program you’re looking for.
Being pre-programmed, CL SmartStart will automatically search through all of your installed applications. You just have to search your mind for the application. When it finds one, it will run it for you.
This program is made with.NET 2.0. That is, the program is written for all previous versions of Windows and will work with the

System Requirements For CL SmartStart:

The game requires a video card with at least Shader Model 4 (SM4) or better. If the game detects a lower shader version, it will not be playable.
The game requires DirectX 11 or later.
The game requires at least 1 gigabyte of free hard drive space.
The game requires Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 64-bit (OS or version).
Additional Requirements for DirectX 9 or DirectX 9.3 (32-bit) versions of the game:
In the DirectX 8.x version of the

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