Having to deal with vast numbers of tabs in our browsers has long been an annoying problem for most of us. And, happily, there are multiple good tools (mostly in the forms of browser extensions) which can single-handedly make managing large numbers of tabs seem like a walk in the park rather than a pain.
A tab manager with a twist
If your weapon of choice of daily or office browsing is Google Chrome, then you might want to check out a neat, little extension called CloseMyTabs. As its name suggests, it’s designed to help you close many browser tabs in a convenient and efficient manner.
If up until now it does not sound all that impressive, it should be noted that CloseMyTabs has one unique feature that makes it stand out from other similar tools, namely its ability to help you close tabs based on the last accessed time.
A lot more useful that it leads you to believe at first
This means that you can close specific tabs based on their last active state and, better yet, you can also adjust the duration in question according to your needs in half hour increments. At its core, CloseMyTabs may be a simple extension with a straightforward GUI, but it has a lot of features built in.
For example, it allows you to easily navigate through all the opened tabs, locate distinct tabs using the search bar, ignore specific tabs, and close them as you wish. There’s also a big CLOSE ALL button on the extension’s GUI which is sure to make life easier in case you quickly want to end a browsing session with dozens of opened tabs in your main browser window.
Super-handy tab manager for Google Chrome
To conclude, even though CloseMyTabs does not have a general utility like most typical tab managers, that does not make it a lot less of an efficient extension. It will surely come in handy for users who work with large numbers of tabs and require a quick way to close and manage them based on their last access time.







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Give your browser more visual space, make your browser faster and visually gorgeous, and with CloseMyTabs Cracked Version you can. All you need to do to use the extension is to install it and then start it up in your Chrome browser. While it is not a tab manager like most other ones, what it can do is still quite useful, that being closing and hiding tabs based on their last accessed time. Also, it has one cool feature that makes the extension feel much more useful than it actually is, so be sure to check it out.Cross-correlation function as a descriptor of complex molecular systems. I. Its evaluation and validation for conformation energies.
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CloseMyTabs Free

* Fastest CloseTab extension for Google Chrome. * Finds ALL the open browser tabs and allows you to close any/all of them. * Configurable auto close timer: just adjust the timer to your needs (1H, 30M, 1W). * Configurable list (select the list). * Configurable list sorting (in alphabetic or the selected order). * Configurable number of simultaneously opened tabs. * Configurable website title if you want to ‘Tag’ closed tabs. * Configurable color of the column background. * Configurable color of closed tabs. * Configurable number of rows. * Configurable window size. * Timer: (1H, 30M, 1W). and it is configurable. * Tab color (the standard color is green but you may change it). * ‘Load on Tab Close’ Action : Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. Logically very important if you want to automatically close only the opened tabs which are not opened for a while. (Recommended: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. Logically very important if you want to automatically close only the opened tabs which are not opened for a while. ) * ‘Reopen last closed tab’ Action: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. Logically very important if you want to automatically open last closed tab if you close the tab. * ‘Keep empty tabs’ Action: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. (and used by CloseMyTabs Activation Code 2) * ‘CloseTabs under specific conditions’ Action: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. (and used by CloseMyTabs Download With Full Crack 3) * ‘Close tabs that are bigger than others’ Action: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. (and used by CloseMyTabs 4) * ‘Close all the tabs with “visited” domain’ Action: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. (and used by CloseMyTabs 3) * ‘Close all open tabs’ Action: Logically very important if you are using the extension with a lot of opened tabs. (and used by CloseMyTabs 4) * ‘Close all open tabs with visited links’ Action: Logically very important

CloseMyTabs Keygen Full Version [April-2022]

* Close specific tabs, ignore specific tabs, or Close ALL tabs
* Navigate through all open tabs
* Ignore specific tabs
* Close specific tabs based on the last active time
* Adjust for time in half hour increments
* Supports Chrome 44+
* Tab Completion at Search field
* A lot more: #CloseMyTabs Tabs List Importer TabFinder

7. Secure Browser: Secure Browser (Firefox, Chromium, Chrome)
Another good extension to manage browser tabs is Secure Browser which is available for Firefox and Chrome, but also for Chromium-based browsers.
Secure Browser brings about a lot of benefits by being both a tab manager and a cloud storage system. It’s a handy browser extension that helps keep tabs organized and removes browsing history.
First, you can open tabs from a ‘tag’ list which serves as a good way of organizing your tabs in groups.
There’s also the option to use filters to limit what tabs you view. If you want to view specific tabs, you can use the ‘Sort’ filter, or you can group them using the ‘Tag’ filter.
In addition to this, Secure Browser allows you to save tabs to your browser’s cloud storage.
You can also view saved tabs under the ‘Saved Tabs’ section. Of course, you can also delete specific tabs through this section as well.
Lastly, Secure Browser provides an option to clear browsing history, cookies, and other sites saved data.
Secure Browser Description:
* Tab Organization – Sort and group tabs using the Tag-based filter
* Ability to open, close, and hide tabs
* Ability to view, organize, and filter by tags
* Save, View, Search, and Filter
* Ability to clear browsing history
* Cloud Storage
* Clear browsing history
* Ability to delete specific tabs
* Set the default browser, download, and homepage

18. Tab Manager – Hide and Reload Tabs
While it doesn’t exactly offer much in terms of innovative features, Tab Manager is a neat extension that offers an efficient way to manage large numbers of tabs.
The extension does one thing and does it very well – it allows you to quickly hide and reload specific tabs.
So, when you use Tab Manager, you will be asked to select a tab number, and you can choose to hide that tab, or you can also quickly reload it.

What’s New In?

* CloseMyTabs is a powerful Chrome extension designed to help you easily manage your large number of tabs.
* Have you ever had a tab that you wish you didn’t have open? Have you tried to find a similar tab in your bookmarks and couldn’t? Just have a really hard time closing your tabs? Instead of closing tabs one by one, or closing them all manually. That’s why CloseMyTabs is the ideal solution to your aforementioned problems!
* Tabs Management. Close all the tabs you want!
* Closed date based tab management.
* Tabs to bookmarks.
* Tabs to ignore.
* Ignores tab when closing.
* Tabs to open.
* Tabs To Search.
* Tabs to quickly switch between.
* Tabs file manager.
* Close all tabs.
* Search for tabs.
* Close single tab.
* Check the last modified date of the tab.
* Save a single tab in your bookmarks.
* Close single tab.
* Management tabs.
* Hide tabs.
* Export to CSV.
* Import/export to CSV.
For User:
* Add as an active task in Chrome task manager.
* Add as an active task in the Task Scheduler.
* Add as an active task in Windows Scheduler.
* Add to Startup Applications.
1.6.0 – Fixed some bugs.
1.5.6 – Improved the CLI flag.
1.5.4 – Fixed bug when closing a tab that is open.
1.5.3 – Fixed an error when closing a tab that has images opened.
1.5.2 – Improved interface.
1.5.1 – Fixed some bugs.
1.5 – Fixed several minor issues.
1.4.3 – Fixed the case when closing a tab that is active, a second request to close a tab.
1.4.2 – Fixed the case when the window closes and when the tabs are closed without having to close the tab.
1.4.1 – Fixed an error on exit
1.4 – Fixed an error on exit
1.3.1 – Fixed an error when the idle tab and the tab they opened a new tab.
1.3 – Added support for Close My Tabs (Crx)Two years have passed since Congress failed to pass comprehensive

System Requirements For CloseMyTabs:

512 MB RAM minimum, more recommended
OS: Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Internet: 1Gbps download speed
Install Notes:
It’s required to have SQL Express installed on the computer
The installer updates the files on the computer, so it will not install it on your computer if you already have MSR. You will need to delete it first.
The MSI update is designed for Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1 so it is recommended you update to the latest version first (download here).Follow Us


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