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If youre reading this guide you probably have a question or two. and i have also become a teacher. Watch .
Hi guys, im new to this site and i wanted to thank you all for your awesome staff. I have been told i should upgrade my drive from a 1 tb to a 2 tb. Id love to know. If you have a tutorial please share..

BONUS: After finishing your upgrade to SSD there are many more things you can do to improve performance and expand your storage. Youll learn how to:
How to Clean Your HDD: The Ultimate Guide to Disk Cleaning: .

This article will show you how to clean your hard drive and increase its performance. Using this method, we can remove many problems on our hard disk that may be slowing down your computer. .
This guide is great. I lost everything from upgrading my mobo (to a new intel board) to using 4x1gb RAM to using only 1gb to having to almost reformat my hard drive. Keep up the good work.
Here’s how to clean your hard drive. Also, to keep this post manageable, we’ll be covering .

Ive been reading through a bunch of info lately, and was wondering if anyone has actually done any of this. I am trying to make a more viable backup location for my files. my 1tb hard drive is already pretty bloated (its a new drive) with downloads, music, and videos. I went ahead and bought a small netbook so I can also do this sort of thing online from. Does anyone have any idea if this is a smart idea? I know how to do all the program installations manually and keep them on a seperate volume, but im not sure what to look for when comparing to other info I read. My backup site would be where I put my downloads/music/videos. Im just not sure if this is the best idea or not.

How To Restore Computer Files After Installing Games On Windows 7 {Tutorial}! guide.
But before we start explaining how to restore computer files, there is something you should know.
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Did You Know?

You have to change the permissions for the game installation folder to keep every game from eating up all your hard disk space.
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