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Dec 6, 2019 Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Generator and Serial Keygen is a tool used to generate the product key for Microsoft Office 2010.


Hello do not use the Microsoft signature keygen (or the not official keygen like that), for office this is not guaranteed that it´s an working Microsoft keygen but the file can be from other company and you can find the product key for the full version of office.

Product Key for Microsoft Office 2010
If you need the product key for Office 2010 Professional, Standard, or Enterprise, you can find it in a registry key.

Hold down the Windows key and press R, this will open the Run window.
Type regedit in the Open box, click OK.
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Office14\.
The keys there will contain the product key for Microsoft Office 2010.

Click on the keys and copy the keys to the clipboard.

Enjoy 😉


ServiceStack C# not fetching request body

I’ve looked through the different answers and I can’t see the error in my code. It doesn’t appear to be reading my request body correctly.
My post method is as follows (simplified for example sake):
[Post(“/app/post”)] public object Post(MyData myData)
// myData contains a valid JSON object that will be serialized into the body of the request
var response = MyService.DoSomthing(myData);
return response;

I’ve set the Accept: application/json as appropriate, but when I check the body with GetBody, my object is always null.
Is there something obvious that I’m missing?


If you look at the code for the Post() method on the IdFactoryServiceHost, you’ll see that it only supports Post-streaming.
public void Post(string path, object request)
=> ThrowException(new ServerException(ErrorCode.NotSupported, $”Only Post-streaming is supported for POST: {path}”));

To read the raw POST data as a Stream, you can use the RawPostStreamingClient filter.

The Battlefield of Love, Part 1

The day was bright and sunny, yet



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