Computer Timer is a simplistic piece of software that gives you the possibility to schedule reminders with messages and audio.
It's practical for those who are looking for easy ways to remember important upcoming events, such as meetings.
Doesn't require setup
There is no installation involved, so you can launch the program as soon as you download its package. There are two scripts files that can be separately accessed, with the difference being that one features audio reminders and the other one doesn't.
There's nothing to be said about the interface, since it's clear that the developer didn't want to focus on appearance but only on functionality.
Set the countdown time and custom message
You're welcomed by a plain-looking window that asks you to enter the countdown time until the reminder (in minutes).
After confirming this dialog, you can input the message to display when time's up.
While the countdown is running, you can carry on with your typical desktop activity without other interruptions, since the app silently runs in the background.
Speaks your custom message using a robotic voice
Once time expires, your custom message pops up on the center of the screen. If you have opted for audio mode, then a male robotic voice speaks your message right before revealing it on the monitor.
In the following step, you can enter a command to execute or just quit to the desktop if you've finished planning reminders.
Modest event reminder with basic options
This is where Computer Timer's functionality ends. Unfortunately, it doesn't integrate features for setting up multiple reminders at the same time as well as managing them from a window.
Although it takes a rather rudimentary approach toward task reminders, the app gets the job done and can be easily configured by users, even those with no previous experience in such software.







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You can set your computer to remind you when a specific time or date is about to arrive. You can set it up on the system clock, and you can also set it up on another computer over the network. For the more advanced user, there are command line options available. Remind Me Pro features the following categories of reminders: – System Clock Reminders – Microsoft Windows system events (similar to Windows Task Scheduler) – Scheduled Events – Manage Reminders – Auto-send an email message – Geolocation Reminders – Location reminders and custom location alerts – Alerts – Set up a custom alert message with custom sounds – Schedules – Setup multiple Schedules to open your reminder at specific times – Reminders – Set up reminders to make you do anything (for example, set a reminder to wake your computer at a specific time) – Computer and System Setup – Set up your system to remind you of things (more info on that coming soon) – Watch – use a watch face to setup a reminder on your phone – Schedule Reminders – schedule reminders when working with your computer – Desktop – Set up a Desktop agent to remind you – Place – check your current location and send you reminders based on that location (similar to Google Now)

User reviews

We’re testing this app to make it more functional for your needs.
These are the results up to this moment (1 month), please note that they are updated frequently.


by kamaji15367

BEWARE!! DO NOT USE. The makers must have have known these bugs, they just ignore it. I tried using this app for past 2 years to remind me things, It does not work, I find almost every issue related to it in these forums.

More functionality!


by asmokelynice

I have been using this app for almost a year and it’s becoming more and more useful to me. If you’re using the Mac version, you can use your Mac’s Touchbar to open the calendar. On Windows, you can even use the Windows Messaging Center to open it, but it’s a bit clunky. (Mac version has problems with Windows Chat integration, but it’s working now). I have a bunch of reminder types set up, including SMS, email, and instant text message. There’s one recurring reminder type I’d like to have, but they don’t support it for some reason, and some other apps are much more expensive.

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The timer is set by pressing the buttons of the timer and subsequently pressing a start button. The seconds, minutes and hours are shown on the page. The countdown begins when the start button is pressed and the countdown is stopped by pressing the stop button. The countdown time is set by entering the time in the countdown in the box “Countdown time”. The timer provides the opportunity to adjust the reminder time by pressing a button to enter one or more numbers

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Computer Timer is a simplistic piece of software that gives you the possibility to schedule reminders with messages and audio.

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What’s New In?

Computer Timer is a minimalist program that uses a “timer” function to remind you about the time of an event, be it a deadline or an appointment.
Once you select the correct time, you can decide to play a sound or send a message reminder via email.
You can configure to automatically launch the app at the selected time, giving the reminder a full attention.
Despite its limited functionality, Computer Timer is a helpful app, especially if it’s your first try with event reminders.
When it comes to event reminders, you can select when the message appears and listen to a notification sound. One or multiple reminders can be added to a list, and you can also start the software’s recording mode to record any clip you want.
You can set an alarm to occur at any selected time, and choose to launch the program as well as store the reminder. The timer function allows you to schedule the event for a future date in addition to the present moment.
Unlike other timers that require a user-friendly interface, Computer Timer offers a more simplistic experience. You can select the option to play a sound, email reminder, view a list of reminders, or launch the app.
You can set the time when a notification message appears and choose to play a reminder sound, or you can launch the main application.
No installation is required to use Computer Timer.
Can schedule reminders from multiple events.
Time and date settings are manually adjustable.
You can set a reminder to repeat.
Software offers only basic function, and is therefore not suitable for beginners.
The interface is minimalistic.
Can’t launch other applications.
The app’s programming can be tricky.

How to use Computer Timer

Computer Timer allows you to set up a reminder for each selected event. There are a variety of options to set the time as well as the sound and email reminder type. You can manually enter the time or select the desired setting to obtain the correct time.
To set the time, choose the option that best suits your needs. For example, if you are planning to set up multiple reminders, then you will need to choose if you want to specify the exact time.
After clicking the “Add” button, you will be prompted to enter a name for the reminder. You can select whether to add the reminder to a list or to a temporary file. Thereafter, you can either choose to skip or click on the “Set alarm” button.–jCkmm7RZ5Rhfs9S

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