Specially built as a Cytoscape plugin, CoNet is able to detect significant non-random patterns of co-occurrence.
CoNet can find both copresence and mutual exclusion patterns in incidence and abundance data.
Although it was designed with ecological data in mind, CoNet can be applied in general to infer relationships between objects observed in different samples.







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CoNet is a Cytoscape plugin.
It is an edge-weighted graph search algorithm.
It uses a model-based filter in order to minimize false-positive and false-negative co-occurrences.
It searches both up- and down-stream for new edges.
CoNet is thus a global search algorithm in which object co-occurrences are investigated at any graph distance, and the search is driven by the most significant connections.

Key Features:
CoNet searches the whole graph at a time.
It has an ordering that allows it to simulate a random walk.
CoNet can use transaction tables to group commonly correlated objects.
CoNet can use Bonferroni-type and step-up type p-value significance tests.
Its results can be used as input to further analysis.
CoNet can sort objects in different samples based on their significance.

CoNet Example:
CoNet can be used in a regression scenario as well as in an ecological scenario.

CoNet can be applied to determine the significant predictors of one or more dependent variables.
In the ecology example, CoNet can help biologists to detect significant covariates that predict the incidence of diseases.

CoNet allows a researcher to identify covariate variables that correspond to high risks of the incidences of diseases.

CoNet Results:
CoNet will produce a high level graph that summarizes the significant relationships between objects in two or more samples.
A statistical significance test can also be performed on the results.
The objects in one or more samples can then be sorted based on their relevance to each other.
If they are found to be significant, the objects can be used as input to further analysis.

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CoNet is a network-based analysis tool, capable of finding non-random co-occurrence patterns in networks.
Toward this aim, CoNet creates networks of
points (microbiota compositions)
objects (patients)
relationships (between objects).


Visualization and querying of analytical networks

CoNet allows for quick and easy visualization of analytical data networks, as well as for querying both of them.

The plugin consists of three visualizations, accessed from the main menu in the left pane:

Network: The whole network is represented in a two-dimensional table, where rows and columns are objects and relationships respectively. Objects and their relationships are depicted as colored nodes and edges, respectively.

Proportional Visualization: This visualization highlights objects (rows) and their relationships (columns) in decreasing order of their similarity (number of edges). In this way, a color gradient representing the probability of mutual exclusion is calculated, where darker colors represent higher probabilities of mutual exclusion between objects.

Overlapping Graphs: This visualization represents the same network, using two overlapping graphs, each of them built separately for objects or relationships. This way, each node or edge can be seen in both graphs, but is only counted in one of them.

CoNet supports querying the analytical networks using both a GUI or a command line interface.
The latter is based on the Cytoscape shell and allows for customizing results using the excellent APEX command line environment.

The key features of CoNet:

The main functionality of CoNet is finding the strongest patterns of co-occurrence in networks.
CoNet allows for a customized analysis, where results can be easily visualized and queries can be customized.


The following example shows how to run CoNet with the pipeline workflow.
When finished with the execution, the resulting networks will be available in the “Outputs” folder:An endoscope generally includes a long, flexible tubular body having a proximal end and a distal end. At least one optical window is provided at the distal end of the tubular body, and an image captured by the endoscope is transmitted to the proximal end through the at least one optical window. The at least one optical window is commonly used for transillumination and to capture a picture in order to view the distal end of the tubular body. Most endoscopes also include a

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CoNet is a Cytoscape plugin that is able to find patterns of “co-presence” (more than one object observed together) and “co-exclusion” (no object co-occurring together) in incidence and abundance data.
CoNet also defines co-presence profiles, which, for each object i, are defined as vector of the co-presence scores of all objects j, such that co-presence score: co-presence probability and zero otherwise. These profiles therefore are produced by using a non-parametric approach (a distance matrix is not used).
CoNet can be used to detect specific traits of interest in existing pathways, e.g. to investigate which traits are more likely to co-occur, and which are more likely to be mutually exclusive. It can also be used to find such traits that are not part of any pathway.
CoNet can return a p-value for each identified co-presence pattern (two objects co-occur together significantly more than expected), if requested.
CoNet can also be used to find mutual exclusion patterns (no object co-occurring together), and the relationship between a pair of objects.
Running CoNet
CoNet is a Cytoscape plugin.
If Cytoscape cannot be launched, please double-click on co-net.jar (or compile it from jar) in order to launch it as Cytoscape plugin.
If Cytoscape is launched by starting the Cytoscape application and going to plugins/co-net/co-net.html, the plugin will run from the HTML interface.
If CoNet uses a Java Applet to be embedded in a web page, see the tutorial.
Installing CoNet
If you would like to use CoNet in your own Cytoscape session, just add the co-net.jar to your application’s lib directory, e.g.
To install CoNet in the Cytoscape application, drag-and-drop the co-net.jar to the Cytoscape application’s plugins folder, e.g.
Then restart Cytoscape and launch it from the sidebar.
Simple Example
As CoNet uses an extension of Non-negative

What’s New In CoNet?

The co-occurrence patterns between objects reflect the statistical interconnections between entities in the system,
including physical interactions, consumption patterns and social relations.
CoNet can handle binary relationships, semi-quantitative relationships, or quantitative relationships.

CoNet 1.2.1 for Cytoscape 3.5.1+

CoNet 1.2.1 for Cytoscape 3.4.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.2.0 for Cytoscape 3.3.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.2.0 for Cytoscape 3.2.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.2.0 for Cytoscape 3.1.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.2 for Cytoscape 2.8.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.2 for Cytoscape 2.7.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.6.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.5.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.4.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.3.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.2.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.1.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

CoNet 1.1.1 for Cytoscape 2.0.x

This software was built as a plugin for Cytoscape.

System Requirements:

Intel or AMD processor
Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later (Windows 10 uses DirectX 12 with only 2GB of RAM)
AMD Radeon Graphics Card with 1 GB VRAM
1 GB available hard drive space
Multimedia Class: Ultra HD/4K/HDR
High Definition Audio
Internet Connection: Broadband
Controller/D-pad: GamePad or other compatible controller
Video output: Composite video output (optional HDMI output)


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