CPU-Z ROG represents a customized version of CPU-Z, dedicated to ROG (Republic of Gamers) motherboards found on ASUS devices. It displays information related to the CPU, memory, cache, mainboard, SPD and graphics, and supports CPU stress tests too.
Setup and interface
Installing it takes minimal time and effort, since there are no unfamiliar settings, software requirements or third-party components bundled with the setup kit.
Loading the data at startup may take a while. When it comes to the interface, CPU-Z ROG opts for a rectangular window with a sleek appearance which reminds us of video games. The previously mentioned info is neatly structured in separate panes.
Analyze hardware-related data
You can view details surrounding the processor (e.g. package, technology, specification, family, model, stepping, revision), clocks (e.g. core speed, multiplier, bus speed), number of cores and threads, caches (sizes and descriptors), motherboard (e.g. manufacturer, model, chipset), BIOS (brand, version, date) and graphic interface (version, link width, maximum supported, side band addressing).
Additional information is shown for the memory (e.g. type, size, channels, NB frequency), memory timings (e.g. DRAM frequency and idle timer, command rate, row to column), SPD (e.g. module size, maximum bandwidth, part and serial number) and graphics (e.g. GPU, clocks, memory). Meanwhile, the CPU can be tested in single or multiple thread mode.
Evaluation and conclusion
It worked smoothly in our evaluation, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or indicate errors. The software program remained stable throughout its runtime. CPU and RAM usage was minimal outside of benchmarking sessions.
To wrap it up, CPU-Z ROG provides you with valuable details about Republic of Gamers motherboards. It's free to use and can be easily tackled by anyone interested in learning this kind of information about their ASUS computers.







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With a sleek design, CPU-Z ROG puts together the most useful information about your Republic of Gamers motherboard. It covers CPU, mainboard, memory, SPD and graphics, and it can be used in single and multi-thread mode.
This article is a guest post by Mark Smiley, the author of the article

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CPU-Z ROG Crack Activation Code

CPU-Z is an advanced CPU benchmark utility designed to give you better understanding of the different hardware components and features of your CPU/CPU coolers. Main features: CPU-Z shows all the information in a concise yet complete manner to all users. It displays detailed information about the processor, motherboard, RAM, cache, mainboard, SPD and graphics. It provides the ability to check the clock, show the information of these and much more.
What’s new in CPU-Z ROG:
In 2013, the original CPU-Z was upgraded to give users more details about their hardware. Many features were added, including the possibility to change the color scheme, different predefined themes, CPU-Z App Store, GPU-Z App Store and much more.
It also includes some more in-depth information, such as allow the user to see information about the RAM.
Thanks to the ROG team for their help and let’s hope they keep releasing new versions of CPU-Z.
Note: The download links on this page point to versions compatible with Intel processors, such as Core i7 and Core i5. To see if your CPU is compatible, click here to visit the device center where you can download the correct version.
System requirements:
Windows XP or higher; 1024 x 768 resolution; 300 MB hard drive space
System Requirements:
Windows XP or higher; 1024 x 768 resolution; 300 MB hard drive space
Download from ASUS (x64) (x86)
Operating System: Windows 10
Download size: 218.71 MB

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As a bonus,


CPU-Z ROG provides you with invaluable information about your Republic of Gamers motherboard, covering details like DRAM bandwidth, bus speed, GPU type, GMA 4500, memory timings, module size and more. The program shows the maximum supported bandwidth for all available memory modules, which are DDR2, DDR3, DDR3 LPDDR2 and DDR4.
Cpu-Z ROG Installation:
After unpacking the setup package, open the CPU-Z folder and run install_CP_Z_ROG.reg. Cpu-Z ROG supports a 32-bit Windows OS and works on Windows XP Service Pack 3.
After installing the software, the program loads without any issues. The interface is clear and easy to operate and it takes up minimal memory resources too. When loading data, the whole process can take a while. While our evaluation was done on a 3-year-old ASUS GA-P78-UD5P motherboard, if you’re using an older or current motherboard, you can probably make do with the older version of the software.
Cpu-Z ROG Web Resources:
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What’s New In?

Properly identify and monitor your system with accurate, detailed system and CPU information.
Integrated with ASUS gear to ensure accurate, detailed information to enhance your ROG experience.
Find out how your motherboard, CPU, memory, cache, BIOS, and SPD are performing.
CPU-Z ROG – create a “System Info” view on your GPU, mainboard and more.
CPU-Z ROG – copy, paste and save your system profiles for use on all your ASUS laptops.
CPU-Z ROG – Global System Monitor & BIOS Viewer
System Monitor with detailed information on your PC.Views system information on the GPU, mainboard and more.
CPU-Z ROG – Copy, Paste and Save Profiles
Create, copy and save a system profile to use on all your ASUS laptops.
CPU-Z ROG – Global System Monitor & BIOS Viewer
Detailed information, graphs and charts to better evaluate your system.

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System Requirements:

Windows 7/8, 8.1 and 10
Intel, AMD or Nvidia GPU with Open GL 2.0
AMD or Nvidia GPU with Vulkan 1.0
100 GB space
HDD space 6 GB of free space
Additional Requirements:
Mac OSX 10.10 or later
Intel, AMD or Nvidia GPU with Vulkan 1.0
HDD space 6 GB of free space


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