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Go to the FSDreamTeam GSX Folder and open a terminal window (Win command + R).
in the command line and press enter
move the cursor down to the following location
Look for the value
L\Release FsdreamTeam System\Source\GSX Flight Simulation\GSX Flight Simulation\System\PC in the Left.
Right Click on this and select “New”
In the popup Window click on “DWORD Value”

Type “ExitCode” in the edit field and press enter

Look for the value under exit_code in the right hand side of the window
Set the value to 1

Close the Registry Editor and then start FSX up


I had the same problem using flight simulator and it’s impossible to close cargo door after takeoff.
I found the problem here:

Set the value in registry to 1.
You can set from:




After setting value to 1, you can close cargo door normally.

# python3
# encoding: utf-8
# “`
# 一个带足够的数据的存储
# 存储的时候将足够的控制方块放在数据中。
# 可以直接索引到它的特性。
# 语句就像关系型数据库中的表。
# 当索引时,它有文本字符串的描述。
# 你会


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