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Crack GTA IV Patch Razor1911


Dec 19, 2017
Release v1.0.8.5, pks3.ra3, July 16, 2017.

* same modifies the mod USER-DEMO-LINUX-GTAIV-02-0122-17.itr file, which was posted on the game’s root directory, but the game itself not updated.
* updated (07.15.2017) “The Mob o’ the Year” M18 to M19 for crafting.

Release version for download 29.11.2016. The game was updated to version and it’s available at this site
Grand Theft Auto IV v1.0.8.0- USER-DEMO-LINUX-GTAIV-02-0122-17.itr (with the crack for Razor1911 by DZ87) –

* new modified mod “USER-DEMO-LINUX-GTAIV-02-0122-17.itr” (with the crack for Razor1911 by DZ87)
* the same as previous file was installed over, and the pks file is installed.

Aug 29, 2017
Release v1.0.8.3, pks3.ra3, May 6, 2017.
Update the mod “USER-DEMO-LINUX-GTAIV-02-0122-17.itr” (with the crack for Razor1911 by DZ87) to be compatible with GTA4:SA and the game was update to

* fixes a major error from GTA IV when you reload the game
* fixes the “Hipz” tutorial – CHEAT SHOP “‘Kilia”
* “THE MOB OF THE YEAR” from “M18” to “M19”
* The Entertainer from “Entertainer’s” (PLAZA PLAYERS)

Aug 25, 2017
Release v1.0.8.2, pks3.ra3, April 5, 2017.
Update the mod “USER-DEMO-LINUX-GTAIV-02-0122-17.itr” (with the


I get about 4 minutes of play time before the game crashes. I get the error “Game Over” and the emu closes with no error when trying to start the game in -Xliveless mode. The game is a Japanese copy.
Download Grand Theft Auto IV v1.0.7.1/ (.
The original game itself may have an old save game made before the update. But it might not be important since all saves would be created at the update.
RT @GTAtweaks: Anyone wanna help me out? I got gta4 on the newest ps4 and I need a patch for the patch.
The update is, meaning it can be included with the patch if you download the.rar and extract it into a folder
Download GTA 5 Update Patch – V COD5. GTA 4 PC COD4, COD 5, 3rd Person, RPG, RPG COD5, GTA 5, GTA 5, Download.
PC Games – GTA IV: Complete Edition – Razor1911 from Sony in English Language.
GTA 4 PC – Razor1911 Update for Razor 1911.. Ram Mariner, January 25, 2019 2:53. Downloaded Version i download it from the original. Grand Theft Auto 4 Razor 1911.
Crack GTA IV Patch 1080 Razor1911 1413 rerecorsia.. Here is some information: Running version (with Razor1911. Crack GTA IV.
Grand Theft Auto IV – Patch – Crack razor1911.rar.. GTA,IV,,patch,official,download,links:,EFIGS,Japanese .
May 11, 2019
Included all patches released to date (v1.0.7.1, v1.0.7.2, v1.0.8.0, v1.0.8.1, v1.0.8.2, v1.0.8.3, v1.0.8.4, v1.0.9.0,



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