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XPOWER® NFS13 is a 13″ x 13″ washable nylon mesh filter for the XPOWER X-2580 Mini Air Scrubber.
Filters the harmful particulate matter from fumes and dust mites, and takes out 90% of the 12 microscopic particulate particles that are in smoke.
It is also compatible with XPOWER X-2380, X-2480A, and X-2580 Mini Air Scrubbers.
Works for several years as long as it is properly maintained.
The NFS13 is durable, long-lasting, and washable.
XPOWER NFS13, 13″ x 13″ Washable Nylon Mesh Filter is easily cleaned and washable for long term use.
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Dismantling washable nylon mesh filter
Take apart the NFS13 air filter to clean it.
Remove one of the two spring-loaded nuts after squeezing tightly.
Unscrew the metal mounting base by loosening a single nut.
Remove the filter by unscrewing the spring-loaded nut.



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Category:Positively charged ions
Category:NanomaterialsX-ray tracking: a new paradigm for dose reduction in cardiac CT.
To report a novel approach for reducing radiation dose in CT imaging with early-access angiography. Radiation dose in the setting of early-access angiography is reduced by a mean of 20% using a novel imaging paradigm. Following a conventional coronary angiogram, either contrast-enhanced or unenhanced, the radiologist can conduct a 2-second window of maximum-intensity projections (minIP) of the right and left ventricles and left atrium. For the purposes of this study, only the minIP images were interpreted. This technique reduces radiation dose compared with prior studies, as the optimized parameters (600-750 ms gantry rotation, 35-40% radiation collimation, iterative reconstruction level 6) can be used over a shorter period of time (2-2.5 seconds). The new protocol allowed all cardiac, nonmyocardial, and free-floating structures and calcifications to be assessed, thus reducing the need for additional unenhanced scans. Radiation dose can be substantially reduced by utilizing a novel “X-ray tracking” protocol. Further optimization of the protocol and collection of additional data will be needed to determine the true efficacy and long-term


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