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June 3, 2020 – Proposed. 2020/2021 financial year. SOURCE OF INCOME. A1 TAX INTEREST & SECURITY FEES. A1.00 General property – Current. 14,692,191.64. $. 15 115 776.00.10 pages. 18 hours. 9 minutes. 10 Seconds. 1 year. 2 months. 9 days. 20 hours. 18 minutes. 30 seconds. A1.00 Income from taxes and collateral fees. A1.001 Tax charge on collateral net of expenses. The tax charge for a pledge is equal to the tax amount that the pledge is due to pay, minus the cost of appraisal, and does not apply if the pledge is paid in cash. A1.002 The tax amount for the bond. A1.003 Tax amount for collateral = A1.001 – A2.024 – A2.003. A1.004 Tax deductions.



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