cvReplica is a free tool that allows distributed directory synchronization. It enables user at any time to create a patch file that contains delta changes.
Such patching mode is useful in offsite synchronization scenarios or for the backup purposes with the storage constraints.







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Command-Line Arguments Examples:

cvReplica –help
This command will print help message



–help means print this help message

cvReplica –dump
This command will dump all available options.
The available options can be controlled with the command line parameter -o:

This command will dump all available options.
The available options can be controlled with the command line parameter –opt

You can also run:

This command will

print all available options

dump all available options

print help message

Display the help message

stop the process

pause it

resume the process

continue the process

stop it



A progress bar indicates the progress of the process, it is useful to see if process is processing all the files or maybe processing them faster than they are actually created.



This command will prevent to spawn another process for the current
instance. For example it is useful to stop the process if it is an



This command will introduce the nofork interval, it will wait for a
nofork period before spawning a new process.

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A central server requests all files/folders that have changed from
a set of distributed computers, thus cvReplica For Windows 10 Crack can serve as an
authoritative server for maintaining distributed repositories.

Also, Microsoft research publishes an article that describes the replication basics and some of the best practices. Here’s the download link.


From a performance point of view, I don’t think there is much of a difference between cvreplica, and other replication tools like ZmTree and Zmbackup.
But the cvreplica is very easy to use and straight forward, as you can see from this presentation:

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– cvReplica allows to create a change set (patch) file with the list of the changes that is to be applied in the directory directoryServer name at the remote directory directoryServer name (target).
– cvReplica is able to synchronize the directory directoryServer name with several other directories. All the synchronization is done locally (i.e., without visiting the remote directory directoryServer name). The main goal of cvReplica is to allow application developers and software developers to sync their code with a distributed directory directoryServer name without checking the whole directory directoryServer name to compare it with the remote directory directoryServer name. cvReplica is aware of the changed files and does not require a full synchronization of the directory directoryServer name.
– cvReplica can handle binary files.
– cvReplica allows to choose what directory directoryServer name to be synchronized.
– cvReplica allows an easy integration into application development processes. The user does not have to wait for synchronization requests in the remote directory directoryServer name.
– cvReplica provides flexible synchronization mechanism that allows to restore the synchronization after the failure of a remote directory directoryServer name.
– cvReplica permits to update several directories at the same time. This functionality is accomplished with the increase in synchronization traffic, but allows the user to restore synchronization at a given moment.
– cvReplica supports several versions of LDAP directory directoryServer name that can be loaded without a need to copy the whole directory directoryServer name to a local directory directoryServer name.
– cvReplica provides several synchronization modes. They are:
– Upd if you want the synchronization to be carried out synchronously to every local directory directoryServer name ;
– Diff if you want the synchronization to be carried out synchronously to every local directory directoryServer name but you do not want the synchronization to be carried out synchronously to every remote directory directoryServer name. This way, you can check the differences between your code and the remote code before the synchronization is actually carried out;
– Lazy if you do not want any synchronization to be carried out to the directory directoryServer name. This way, you can restore the synchronization at a later time.
– Finally, even if you do not want synchronization at all, you can restore the synchronization at a given moment.
– cvReplica is able to use various replication schemes including round robin, message-passing and replication-by-file.

What’s New In CvReplica?

1. Input
This application will receive a patch file that
contains the changes between two specific directories. The whole patch
file is forwarded to one or more cvReplicas. cvReplica
uses the delta changes contained in the patch file to
compare the directory trees with a time-stamp resolution. After the replication
has finished the system can create a new patch file using the new base
2. Used to synchronize between two different directories
The patch file is sent to the cvReplicas. Each cvReplica
will compare with the oldest cvReplica available. The comparison process
should be finished within the same minute. If a cvReplica cannot
compose its patch for the given period of time a warning is generated. After
completion of the replication process, the syncronization is finished.
3. If a cvReplica crashes, the cvReplica
restarting takes place. The new cvReplica will start the synchronization.
4. System Requirements
The minimum requirements for using this application
FreeBSD 5.4
Applications requiring a patch file matching with the name
dupfiles or with the file directory structure should be avoided.
cvReplica can be used for copying files but not for
overwriting files. The maximum limit for the delta changes is
1 GB.
5. Distribution
The distribution should be done as follows:
Upload the patch file to the primary server
Deploy cvReplica over the primary server
Synchronize with the other
servers or cvReplicas
6. Use Cases and Examples
o Create a backup with the storage constraint
o Backup a directory from the server and make
changes in it
7. Supported Operations
Please, see the examples below:
o Patch file synchronization in a tree
o Create a backup in a tree
o Patch file synchronization between two servers
o Create a backup between two servers
8. Support & Documentation
– If you have further questions, please, contact the cvReplica team.
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System Requirements For CvReplica:

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP Service Pack 3 or later
CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU or better
RAM: 4GB minimum
Video Card: 2GB Video Card with DirectX 11 support and support for Pixel Shader 4.0 and Shader Model 4.0
DirectX: 9.0c or later
Hard Disk Space: 80MB
Setup Instructions:
Watch this video to learn how to setup this game:

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