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Dark Hero Party [Torrent]

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Download Dark Hero Party v3.1.3. A built-in dark UI can be enabled to increase the game’s dark factor. If you are not already familiar,. Dark Hero Party is a well-developed mobile game with interesting gameplay..
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Dwarf Fortress 1.16.3 is a PC game. It was released in 26 April 2016. It has been played 89 million times and downloaded 1,368,377 times until 2014 year. Game reached #1 on New & Noteworthy on PlayOnLinux.com and PlayOnMac.com in 2016.

You are a dwarf that lives in a small village with your sister. You are living in peace until people starts making threats of killing your family and all the things that you love. You have to find the true answers behind this and stop it now.

You start your adventure with a little axe, a potato, a beefcake card, a potion, and the ability to run faster than light in an octopus. It’s up to you to build a happy and prosperous village with your hammers and stone masons.


7 different races to play the game with

225 years of existence

Over 300 different achievements

World of Dwarf offers daily updates for the game to ensure the experience is always fresh and new!

1.16.3:Added debug features to the game. By default when you’re in debug mode there is a little debug message that appears at the top of the screen before the game starts. If you want to turn it off you can do so by going to the pathconfig file.

1.16.2:Replaced the version of the wolf AI in the game.

1.16.1:Fixed an occasional crash where the game would exit when the script didn’t have enough time to finish!

1.16:Tweaked the level generation so that it’s more likely for larger level sizes to have their levels closer to the spawning point.

1.15:Added a few new weapons!

1.14:Tweaked the random map generation so that it’s more likely for large level sizes to have their level clusters further away from the spawning point.

1.13:Added a complete rewrite of the Gold and Iron mines which was very hard to do for the small team of one developer. The mines are now much much more easier to make in comparison to the old version.

1.12:Added a special new weapon!

1.11:Updated the loading screen and lowered the resolution.

1.10:Added a whole new quest!

1.9:Added a new quest!



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