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About Graphics Card
Graphics card (GBC) is a components/control subsystem that provides functions to the system’s user’s personal computer. It is especially used for developing games, games with graphics processing units (GPUs) or graphics cards equipped with special screen resolution, in order to achieve higher frame rates. In common, GBC consists of the following components:
Storage : a block of memory to store program executable code and video data.
: a block that stores program execuable code for the processor or graphic processing unit. The storage is usually reserved on a single GPU.
Internal : the unit loaded in the processing processor is a class-based piece of hardware. It includes the core so-called “program configuration controller” and the GPU “graphics memory controller”. Inside the GPC, the combined system’s programs can be executed, while receiving data from one of many external devices; perhaps an A/V receiver for example.
Power : information about the frequency of the processed data flow.
Optics : all the data-bearing devices used in the computation of the graphics data needed for the execution of the program.
Mechanical : all hardware components provided in the GBC, as they are used for keyboard or mouse movement.
GMM : package of hardware component corresponding to the device specification. A Mini Chassis Shield-based package for GPCs.
RAM : A maximum of 4 GB RAM is usually used on the GFC, an additional 3 GB per GPU, to increase the memory capacity.
Computer Velocity : the number of pixels per second per second of data-transferred.
System Performance : the total amount of memory per GPC used.



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